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This page is for your comments, greetings, support, dua’s, reminder’s and anything that will boost the emaan for the brothers and sisters and members of the convoy’s.

Remember, the journey they are embarking is one that they will face many hardship and little ease.

Living conditions differ greatly, and most importantly difficulties in performing the daily prayers have already occurred. Nonetheless this is a journey to remember.

Alternatively you may wish to email admin at : or call: 07949286133

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  1. Asalama Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatu, May Allah make this effort one that is successful and benefits the people Ameen!

    I was wondering if maybe we could organise a quick fundraiser or something to raise money to help purchase the vehicles needed/supplies/take to the people in shaa Allah? nothing fancy or fussy just a talk to soften our hearts, dinner, auctions etc get back to me on please in shaa Allah if something you think you have any free time to work on or any contacts/resources you could direct me to. JazakAllah khair,

  2. Salam Wa Alikum,
    Bashar al Assad is the NIMROD of today, We must now put implement with our limbs what we say with our mouth and feel in our hearts.

    The rest of the world just sits there and watch’s it on the tv and savior a meal with seeing death and destruction like never before.

    Shame on us!

    We must help and are OBLIGATED to do so, and remember this is about the people of syria so do not exclude non muslims as contributor’s.

    Forhad Rahman

  3. Please everyone leave dates and times for the functions you have organised to raise money so we can all get involved together and reap the full benefits of sadaqa inshallah!

  4. if anyone needs an extra set of hand today please call me on 07508574706 forhad
    (up for heavy lifting) or sorting and organising.

  5. anyone interested in meeting up to build a team to raise funds outdoors today call me on 07508574706 we can hit central london and rake it in r u up for it, i need pushing so somebody come and push me! salam wa alikum wa rahmutallahi wa barakatu

  6. You need to open branch in rich countries like : Arab Gulf this will really support.

    UAE and Qatar, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia .

    millionaires there and they pay the Zakat

  7. Fundraising events can be advertised FOC on (2000+ hits per month). Please get in touch via the contact us page Insha’Allaah. Events adhering to the true teachings of Ahlus Sunnah will be entertained.

    Ma Salaam

  8. Jazk, I’ve already send them an email.

  9. I’m a drop of point in Birmingham for items donated to Aid Convoy to Syria. If anyone has any space they can *lend* me I might need it. I have a lot of boxes of food arriving tomorrow!!! Insha Allah

  10. as salam alaikum

    can ya plz add iban, 4 transections from outside uk. jazakum Allah khair

    • Wa alaykum assalam wr wb

      NYO Account Address
      Lloyds TSB
      43 Irongate
      DE1 3FT
      IBAN Code: GB95 LOYD 3092 5903 9446 84
      Swift Code: LOYDGB21107
      The details are as follows: Bank: lloyds TSB Account number: 03944684 Sort code: 30-92-59 Account name: NYO

  11. salam brother
    what happened to my comments

  12. i am an experienced hgv1 driver. i delivered aid several times to romania, and belarus. if you need my help, then let me know.

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