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This page is for your comments, greetings, support, duah’s, reminder’s and anything that will boost the iman for the brothers and sisters and members of the convoy’s.

Remember, the journey they are embarking is one that they will face many hardship and little ease.

Living conditions differ greatly, and most importantly difficulties in performing the daily prayers have already occured. Nonetheless this is a journey to remember and a worthful one too.

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  1. Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    May Allah strengthen those who are on this journey that is exceedingly amazing. Once again we missed it…I hope you all make good use of the time and pass our salaams to all those you see in Gaza.

    Yours Truly,
    Umm Ayub

  2. Assalam-Alaykum!
    May Allah reward all those that are on the way to Falasteen! And I pray that Allah includes us (who are not physically there) amongst those that haven’t forgotten our brothers&sisters of Falasteen!

  3. Assalamu’alaykum Abu’safiyyah…yes you guessed its Amina & Co…I’m sure you know who ‘Co’ is at this point? If not please approach your nearest accident & emergency service aka A&E, in plain english, minus the CELTA qualification!
    Anyhu, we hope your having the best of times, even though we know you are already missing your coffee machine…i gotta add, it surely makes great coffee, why waste £2 in Costa when I could kindly ask Umm Safiyyah to lend me your exquiste machine. But hey, that would mean you will suffer from coffee withdrawal syndrome and the mental nightmare knowing that 1 of your 2 most annoying yet fabulous fans of yours on earth have done a runner with your splended Misterrrr Ghahwa Marrrchin! (you have to say it with an arabic accent)…..

    ok, jokes aside, we are cheering you on down here. We pray your journey is one full of ease and that you see the fruits of your work upon arrival to the UK. Then again, we are all extremely jealous, and I guess its allowed rite? That means, we have to get our licence for the next ‘viva’ .

    Inshallah khayr, we will make duah for you and the rest of the dedicated brothers and sisters who are on this rewarding journey. Please don’t forget to make duah for us as well.

    Take care and keep the picutres rolling!

    p.s Enjoy the oodles of noodles!


  4. Layth Abu Safiyyah

    Asalumu Alaykum wr wb

    Coffee machine!!!! I wish I bought it, and my wife better be guarding my possesion in my absence, I am sure thats one of my rights, especially my machine. I guess co is your tribe at home, mashAllah or at least your sister. If not then yeah I better go to the A&E.

    I thought I had more than 2 fans, oh well I better try harder.

    Some people may be sad that they never came, but its not as many may think, Although you pass through lots of countries and see different landscapes, it can be pretty tough. You don’t really get time to relax and enjoy it like a holiday. In a way thats good, so at least it makes you realise the purpose of the journey and may Allah help us renew our intentions.

    Jazakum Allah khayr for all the help especially with the blog. I am in an internet cafe in Italy, Ancona, and I have to be breif, so I’ll have to go now.

    I will try and keep upto date, but getting access to the net is pretty difficult.

    Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

  5. Wa alaykum assalam,

    Coffe machine………………….what coffee machine???

    Ohhhhhh are you talking about the one I sold at the carboot the day you left hahahahaha 😀

  6. Oh no, I see we have started a marital ‘beef’…inshallah we will ‘halali-fy it’…khayr.


  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………….

    I think I may sell…….




    Your BIKES!!

  8. Umm Saf i’ll take the bikes, how much u want??

  9. Am I witnessing a live auctioning here? The rightful owner will have to be


  10. Assalamu alaykum abu safiyyah,

    Don’t worry, your fan base is rising by the second! This is Fatimah or Hodo,( friend of Amina &Co). Anyhow, Brother you are going to a place where a lot of heart’s desire to be, so go for all of us and give our love, support and loyalty to Palasteen. I hope this reaches you in good health and high emaan .

    Take care and don’t forget the left behind in your du’a’s,

    Assalamu alaykum

  11. AA sis I hope your in good health and emaan.

    JazakiAllah khair for the dua.

    InshAllah I hope your support reaches these people and I will try remember all of you in my dua’s

    Take care


  12. MASHALLAH, best wishes with your journey!! So proud of you all, inshallah send our salams to our Palestinian brothers and sisters,, your convoy proves,
    no walls/barbed wires/barriers can keep humanity from fighting back
    Raise your heads high
    Peace and blessings, inshallah, you carry it with you there and back

    God bless

  13. Assalam alaykum

    i hope the journey is going well akhee and jazakallah khair for those Friday classes, very good mashallah, i hope you pass on our duas and salams to our palestinian brothers and sisters,mothers and daughters,, May Allah accept your journey and give safe one bak..

    Take care Akh

    and tel the palestinian muslims stay strong inshallah they are not alone in the suffering.



  14. Salaam Akhi

    I love the site its great!

    I should have done something like this i,ll see you in a few hours……….I,m lost in this city somewhere but this internet cafe is quite nice!

  15. Umm Abdur Rahman

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    How are you doing Layth? InshaAllah hope this message reaches you in good imaan. This is Umm Abdul Rahman, Mum and I are following you on your journey, mashaAllah, having a laugh at you losing your things (think it must be in the family…I’m always losing stuff).

    The pics are nice, the scenery must be amazing this time of year, mashaAllah….we all wish that we could be there to help in anyway, but I guess our du’a is all we have to offer…may Allah grant you all safe passage, may Allah protect the brothers and sisters on the convoy, and may the goods you are taking to the muslims in Palestine be of benefit to them, ameen.

    Keep up the good work, and pass our salaam to AK too…Jazakillah khair for the email AK.

    BTW, weather is lovely here right now, we’re enjoying heavy downpours of rain, mashaAllah. Tell Umm Safiyyah she’s welcome to come swim at the Wadi with her girls, just mind those Wadi Racer snakes LOL!!!!

    Take care


    Umm Abdur Rahman and Mum

  16. Umm Abdur Rahman

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Please send our salaam to the muslims of Palestine, they are in our du’a…may Allah give them strength and unity, ameen!

  17. umm Aldul Rahman (Sister Tahira)

    Assalam alaikum ramatullah wa barakatuh

    InshaAllah Allah swt keeps you all safe on this journey and please give our salams to our brothers and sisters in Palestine and let them know that they are not forgotten. InshaAllah Allah swt forgives their sins, rewards them and increases their station in jannah for the trials they are being put through in this life, ameen.

  18. Assalamualaikum,

    What a beautiful and amazing journey. I wish I was there! InshAllah next time…I pray that you reach your destination and fulfill your objectives.

  19. Asslaamu alaikum!

    Whats happening geezer!

    Got a link to your blog from my sis. Gosh, you kept this one quiet. 🙂

    May Allah give you the highest of places in Jannah for your noble efforts.

    This is a rare opportunity which Allah has blessed you with the chance to experience. Make the most of it and combat those perceived challenges with all those great spiritual acts of worship that we know so well.

    I’m sure there will be many more tests along the way. Just be patient and as you know the more Allah loves a slave, the more he tests him.

    Keep up the excellent work. Give my salaams to J and the rest of the lads.

    Hope to see you back soon.

    Btw: Don’t be hatin on the Northeners! 🙂


    Kifayatullah, UAE

    • Asalam Alaykum wr wb

      I hope your well, sorry I never responded, was really caught up. Sorry I 4 got your a northener now, you traitor lol. Hows everything? I hope your well and the family.

      Take care


  20. Asalamualaikum uncle layth I hope you have a nice journey.may Allah protect you and the brothers Ameen.I was reading about tom and I thought it was very funny.Inshallah when Im older I would like to come with you the way is my mum allowed to have a coffee from your coffee machine? lol. we will be making duaa for you and everyone to have a safe journey and get there and back safely,please make dua for us too as Allah answers the duaas of the traverlers.Take care Asalamualaikum
    from Abdullah,Umar,and Hamza Marwa.

    • Asalamu Alaykum young Abdulllah, I hope you are fine. MashAllah it’s very nice to know you’re following the convoy. Maybe you’ve heard we are staying in Jordan and we need you to make du’a that we are allowed into Egypt and then Palestine. I am sorry for not writing earlier but I have been very busy with all this driving.

      InshAllah when you get older you will be from those who liberate Palestine, inshAllah, And may Allah give you the ability to do more than us.

      Take care of yourself and Omar, Hamcha and Malva and make sure your helping your umi around the house. Send them all my salams.

      InshAllah I will see you all soon

      JazakAllah khair

      Uncle Faith 🙂

  21. Assalamu alaykum Abdullah!

    Awwww I’m so happy to see your comment here 🙂

    I’m sure uncle Layth wont mind your mum having a coffee, we better start making dua the coffee machine doesnt break down with all this talk about it lol

    See you soon inshaAllah w.salam

    • Sis, if it does then inshallah the december sales will come handy..just had a browse for you, that style is selling for £40. Not bad hey?! lol

  22. loooooooooool

    yeah not bad mashaAllah

    I’ll take that as an offer of a gift 😀


    Allah Be pleased with you all

  24. Lets have something different like a cupper tea loool.

  25. here here Abdullah, hands up for a cup of tea!! Tell your mum she’s welcome to mine for a cuppa anytime inshaAllah, lol.

    wa salaam

    Umm Dawoud

  26. Assalamu’alaykum Br Layth, We pray all is going well, even with the delays inshallah. Please keep those tweets coming, we are in need of news. Not much is being covered with this convoy apart from some stations. Not long to go now, and we are all very nervous as to whether or not Egypt will allow you all in. Please please we can’t stress this enough, document everything you see and hear whenever a problem arises, for us this will illustrate the reality of these so called Muslim countries and to the world it will portray the truth about the blockades and restrictions imposed on the Gazan population.

    May Allah make it easy for you all, and allow the people of Gaza to receive those aids this weekend. Ameen.

    Your sister,


  27. Assalamualikum W R W B dearest brothers & sisters on this convoy,
    Been reading this blog this morning and wanted to know that my hopes and prayers are for your success, inshaAllah..
    As irksome as these hurdles might be, please remember not to lower yourself to the level of those against us. Remember that there is One greater that all the barriers you face who could, if He wished, in an instant open all the doors necessary for your success. Lets try together to think laterally and stay focused on your excellent intentions.

    For some inspiration, I would recommend listening to the following by Nouman Ali Khan if you get some time:

    Justice vs Forgiveness

    Conflict Resolution

    My heart is with you and am sorry I could not do more than to donate a few medical items. Remember that the dua of travellers are some of those known to be high on the acceptance list.

    Have faith & be strong.
    Keep your hope & prayers up.
    Trust NO ONE but Allah.
    BE patient…remember Yusuf and Ayesha’s ordeal when they demonstrated “Sabr Jameel”..
    Watch your language…imagine…what would Jesus (as) or Muhammad (saw) have done if they were in your situation.

    Will keep reading…so do keep bloggin!

    With salaam & love

    Umm Ismail

  28. it is very sad when we knows that you are goining long jorny to gaza to help the muzlooms br allah give regard all of you

  29. SALLAM brothers its a great pleasure to see you brothers just a short distance from gaza this shows how committed and honest every 1 in this convoy is ALLAH be with you. nothing in this world can stop you from what you brothers are doing.
    i end my mesage with the qoute of life.
    LIVE A DAY LIKE A LION RATHER THAN LIVING YOUR WHOLE LIFE LIKE A JACKEL……………… may allah give me ability to be with the next convoy.. BROTHER ADNAN special sallam from abu and family

  30. salaam

    brothers, uncles, aunts and elders, i think it will get a bit hot now that egypt has forced the convoy to change route, it is very hard now, i hope inshallah egypt will let u cross el-arish into rafa, after that i think it will be a piece of cake, it is very crucial that we make dua for the convoy at this point as now the pressure is on, i dont think the convoy is easy as other people think, it is a risky job, but inshallah with the grace of Allah the convoy will reach gazza.

    may allah protect the convoy.


  31. adnan and brothers god bless you alland salam and rahma min allah

  32. salaam




  33. A quick and Geeky history of the Yellow Submarine.

    The Yellow Sub has proved to be a great companion to Abu S and his fellow travellers. Here is a little about its past . . .

    NL52 NLK was a 17 seater stock minibus manufactured by LDV and supplied new to LEX LEASING at a cost of around 15,200 GBP in 2002. It was used a school transport vehicle up until 2007, it was mantained by a council depot to a high standard. The 400 Convoy model (as it is technically known) is actually a 1970’s design and features very old parts, for example the door handles are from the Morris Marina !! It was basically a remnant from the 1970s and handled like one, although such vehicles are built as workhorses and little else, and generally confined to modest speeds. The 400 has headlights which are 40% brighter than the previous model and other humble luxuries such as cup holders, door bins and a radio cassette player. The engine is a 2.5Di unit from the 1995 range of Ford Transits. All in all it is a crude vehicle but a reliable one that is simple to repair. While the Convoy doesn’t score highly in the front or under the bonnet, there’s certainly nothing cheapskate about the business end. The Convoy is engineered to be tough and strong and will swallow anything from 7.6 cubic metres to 17 cubic metres of cargo, while the payload is a massive 1,702kg (300kg more than a Sprinter!!! -)

    In 2008 this vehicle was purchased by Practical Car & Van rental in Bradford for a cost of 3120.00 pounds + the dreaded VAT. It was used as a reserve minibus for summer periods, and was often used by Challenge school in Bradford for taking kids to Cornwall. In the summer of 2009 some little thief stole the exhaust of the van while it was parked in the Practical Rental Depot, this was promptly replaced, following this incident the van was rarely used, and on moving it around the yard the mechanic found the power steering pump had also failed, so a new power steering pump was sourced and fitted. Following this the van again remained parked at the back of the yard with other older vehicles awaiting sale/disposal.

    Brother Ehsan from wightman road mosque came to Bradford to source some vehicles, he came with the intention of buying just one 7.5 Tonne truck, on the day he came the truck auction was on, we first bidded on an ex British Telecom service truck, but our bid did not go through on our internet connection, so we bought our second choice which was a lovely ex Warburtons Red Delivery Lorry, we got the truck that cheap that the change left over was sufficient to buy the Yellow Submarine.

    The Yellow Sub will prove great for Gaza as it is simple to source parts for (most mechanical parts are Ford), it is twin rear axled (can carry a lot of weight), and is rugged enough for rough terrain. Inshallah it will prove useful to whoever recieves it.

    • Asalamu Alaykum Shahid. JazakAllah khayr for the information (overload) lol 🙂

      Where on earth did you get all those details from. I was reading it and cracking up at the extent of detail included.


  34. Assalamu alaykum wr wb,

    JazakAllahukhair for that brother Shahid! InshaAllah we will get some pictures of the ‘yellow submarine’ in Gaza soon!

  35. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    MashaAllah keep going! May Allah make it easy for you and reward you abundantly (those of you who are Muslim obviously!). And May Allah Make you of those under His Shade on the Day of Judgement for giving sadaqah.

    And May Allah guide those of you who are not Muslim to accept Islaam, Ameen.

    Wa’aalikum salaam wa rahmatullah.

  36. Ps: Remmeber to keep your intentions sincere. You have rached this far now, and how terrible it would be for Riyaa’ to destroy your actions.

    May Allah keep you all (that are Muslims) sincere, Ameen.

  37. I need to now the status of my son: Ryan Assal. Could someone let me know as soon as possible. I can be reached on or +971 50 7081625

  38. Asalaam Alaikum Bro,

    I hope that you and your brother got back home safely, you must be glad to be in Turkey. I managed to book a flight for Saturday afternoon, we were so glad to be out of Egypt, they were treating us like prisoners in Gate E, it was crazy.

    Give my Salaam to the IHH brothers, especially Farooq, they were all very nice people and put my name down on the IHH list when they go back to Gaza, Inshallah.

    Check out my website http://WWW.GAZAGIFTAID.ORG for the photos and more info ….I have to get the plug in

  39. I’m impressed, I need to say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you will have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is excellent; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I am very pleased that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something relating to this.

    • Sorry for the late response in replying to your comment, for some reason it went into my spam folder.

      Thank you for your genuine interest and concern, it’s nice to know people appreciate our efforts.

      We are now in the process of strating a road trip to deliver aid to syrian refugees in Turkey so keep checking back for more!

  40. woh I am happy to find this website through google.

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