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Our Work in Lebanon

The predicament of Syria still continues; day by day it worsens; the media trumpets have somewhat toned down.  The systemic slaughter of the Syrians is no longer headline news, so does this mean things are better now?  No!

There are over 25,000 refugees in Turkey, over 30,000 in Jordan and around 25,000 in Lebanon, these are estimated; not official statistics as many displaced are too afraid to register themselves due to safety and security reasons.

Reports have been made of armed gangs and Bashar’s forces crossing over into Lebanon and targeting the Syrian refugees. Consequently we are now operating in Lebanon, but due to security reasons we cannot disclose the villages we are working in at present, here is a short summary from our representative on the ground in Lebanon who has been there for a month now, from Brother Shakiel.

“…I’ve visited many villages in the north and north east but I am concentrating on two of them, mainly because they are close to the border and new refugees come here firstly, so I can get to them all the basic supplies. Most people that are coming have basically left their homes with hardly anything. The villages they are staying in are strictly Sunni; the people there are very generous and helpful. We find for them accommodation in people’s houses, mainly one room per refugee family. Some of their rent is paid for and some people give it Fi sabilillah. I’ve been buying mattresses, pillows, blankets, cooking and eating utensils, gas cookers and cylinders, food packs, and also clothes and shoes.

In one village we have 300 hundred families so 10 days’ supply of 300 packs is around £6000. In another village we have 150 families so 10 days’ supply for them will be £3000. I then distribute bread every second day to the first village only because there is a brother who supplies bread for me to the second village. 1 pack of bread (which has 8 chappatti like breads in it) is around 50p. So I give minimum 1000 packs every second day so that is costing £500.

Bedding material which includes a mattress, pillow and blanket are about £13 a set, I buy them in bulk so that’s why I’m getting good price alhamdulillah. Then there is kids nappies and milk for babies which cost £3.50 for large milk and £4 for 100 nappies. I buy around 100 hundred of each every other week because Mashallah there are a lot of kids less than 3 years! So that works out to be £750 every other week for 1 village and same for the other.

Then there’s medicine for the wounded and sick which I have been paying for. That varies from £20 to £1000 according to the medicine or treatment.”

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