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  1. Salam alakum, we would like to donate medicines, blankets and food to syria but I would like to know where to go and who to give it to.

  2. If anyone has any items in Birmingham Please can you get in touch with me? 🙂
    Also have a page for Birmingham at

    Jazak Allahu Khairum
    Sunrise Khadijah

  3. Asalam alaykum, may Allah make it safe and easy, by Allah I would have love to join u however our Duaa for u and them.

    Barakkallaho fikom.


  4. When is the deadline to send goods to the drop of point?

  5. I live in the US…would like to make a financial donation…how and who do I send it to?

  6. Mahmood Bin Saif

    Assalamualaikum. I want to donate online Inshallah but I dont see the donation link. Please let me know ASAP

    • Wa alaykum assalam

      There is no donation link but here are our account details: Aid Convoy 2 Syria, Coop Bank, Sort Code: 08-92-99, A/C No.: 65564507

  7. please sent account details inshaallah will send money when i join again ship pls send the details

  8. Major Garry Wahl

    I am a retired US Army Special Forces team leader and combat medic. I would like to donate my time and volunteer to help on the front lines of this conflict. I know the rebels could use some better training to make them more effective and to cut back on casulties. I have a passport and can depart as soon as possible. All i require is a ride to the front lines

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