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The project of installing an ICU unit in DANA hospital is almost complete. AidConvoy has delivered the equipment successfully into Syria, By the grace of Allah. The room is almost ready for the equipment to be installed. We are aiming to also install a series of Air conditioning units as the temperature in Syria is in the forties, therefore, for comfort and hygiene we see it as essential.

Aidconvoy is working to its full capacity to ensure your donations get to the right people and places. This is also to remind everyone that 100% of your donations go to the needy. All our members are volunteers and we are trying to provide as much proof as possible that we are working inside Syria as well as in the neighbouring countries. Despite the difficulty of entering Syria and working inside, we are still able to get aid inside, so if you wish to donate please be assured that your donations will reach the right people.

THe ICU unit so far has cost us approximately 27,000 GBP. THe equipment purchased are the main components needed to set up an ICU unit. The following equipment is some of the items we sent to Dana hospital: anesthetic machine, consisting of 3 separate parts, Mobile aspirator unit, Hemoglobin device, Ventilator machine, Vascular set and much more. I apologise for not being able to provide a mode detailed list as the list is all in Turkish.

Please keep the donations coming, We endeavour to carry out much more work but we are relying on your help.

To donate now please use the following details…

Aid Convoy 2 Syria, Coop Bank, Sort Code:  08-92-99, A/C No.:  65564507

JazakumAllah khair


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