Intensive care unit to be installed by Aidconvoy…………..

Asalamu Alaykum wa rahmatuAlahi Wa Barakaatuhu

AidConvoy have began a new project today of instaling an Intensive care unit in a hospital called Dana close to the Turkish border

This project has been chosen as there is no intensive care unit available, so the injured have to be transported by road to Turkey. This journey can take up to 4-5 hours and the travelling conditions are extremely uncomfortable.  Upon receiving a  major injury patients must be attended to, and treated within the first hour or two, therefore many have missed that crucial window and have died on the way.

It’s by your generous donations that aidconvoy have been able to invest in projects like this. We hope that by this project we are able to save lives, we are therefore requesting that you continue donating, giving us the ability to keep up this meritable work.

Please seize this opportunity to receive extra reward as it is the month of Ramadhan, there is much work to be done and many projects to initiate, we will keep you updated, meanwhile please donate, our details can be found on this site.

Spread the word and watch this space as Aidconvoy will be shortly releasing an exclusive video of our projects and our time at the border and inside Syria!!!

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