Sisters we Urgently need YOUR help PLEASE

Assalamu alaykum wr wb

As you may be aware a text has been going around requesting sisters to come to the depot we are using to store, sort and organise the clothes and some medical aid to send in a container to be shipped to Lebanon for the Syrian’s taking refuge there.

Our need is URGENT! We have been sooo overwhelmed with the amount of aid donated mashaAllah but we seriously need a good number of sisters to attend and help inshaAllah.

We specified a time of 10am to 7pm, you can come anytime between those for as long or a little as you wish or are able, on saturday the 17th and sunday the 18th of march inshaAllah.

Please please please spread the word, grab a friend, relative, or sister, drop the kids to the grandparents or other relative, they will also get the reward for assisting you to aid us in sorting this aid for our brothers and sisters. MashaAllah when we want to go to an event we somehow manage to arrange a babysitter so for the sake of Allah and the Muslimeen please try your best to help even if it’s just by forwarding this message to others.

The correct address is : MIC Removals, Grant Road SW11 2HD – Its near to Winstanley Road and Clapham Juntion tube station. (Unfortunately the address in the text given to us by the person who works there, had the name of two roads so caused some confusion – may Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings Ameen)

Please email us if you are able to attend and please state what day and between what times:

Here are some pictures of the depot and the aid so prepare yourself and get ready to get sorting inshaAllah! JazakumAllahukhair. May Allah reward the sisters who attended today, they had the hardest job of actually making sense of the mess and organising it as much as possible, so they got the ball rolling, lets keep it rolling inshaAllah. JazakumAllahukhair.

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  1. Salaamu alaykum

    Sorry I don’t understand, if the convoys have left then what is this?

  2. Salaam, has this opportunity finished?

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