For Sisters Attending Depot – Important

Assalamu alaykum!

The nearest station is Clapham Junction. You can attend anytime between 10am and 7pm on either of the 3 days, today, tomorrow and sunday (16th, 17th and 18th). Please spread the word even if you are unable to attend yourself. May Allah reward you all for your intentions Ameen.

MIC Removals, Grant Road, SW11 2HD (Near Winstanley Road) On the same road as Clapham Junction Tube Station

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  1. assallahamallikom may allah s.w.t reward the sisters who went to try and find the depot near clapham junction today ,i went myself and i was walking for one hour up and down the road as someone tx the wrong address.please sisters whoever is responsible for sending out tx,s plz give the correct information as a few sisters went 2day but could not find the address.May allah forgive us all and reward us for our intention Ameen. um Badruddin

    • Wa alaykum assalam wr wb

      May Allah reward you for all the time you was walking up and down and the other sisters who could not find the place, the intention is what counts and Allah wont waste your efforts. The wrong address has been rectified alhamdulillah, unfortunately the fault was not on our part but may Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings Ameen.

  2. Ritha chowdhury

    Salam, With the aim and sincerity that you have left ur home and pleasure may Allah full fill your desire. Ameen
    Aunt of your traveller Ashraf

    • Wa salam aunty,

      May Allah protect your nephew and all the others on the convoy who have left their families and pleasures for the pleasure of Allah Ameen.

  3. Salam w Aleykum, until what time is the depot open as I want to come over and help as well. Today and tomorrow, i just heard about and want join in. I’ll bring over some useful clothing as well inshallah.

    Jazak Allah Khair


    • Wa alaykum assalam wr wb

      The depot is open until 7pm roughly inshaAllah. We cannot accept any more clothes at this point until we get through the mountain of clothing we already have, but we most definitely need volunteers to help out Jzk

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