What can I do to help in my local area?

Assalamu alaykum wr wb

JazakAllahukhair for your patience, we are working very hard to bring this all together and appreciate all your inquiries and efforts.


Firstly, we advise all those who wish to help in there local area to liaise with their area rep and keep them updated about your progress. That way the admin can be informed of your efforts and offer any assistance. By contacting your local rep they will be able to give you necessary information you may require and offer some guidance. Additionally we are happy to upload information about your events and progress on our website and facebook page.

Here is a list of ideas of how you can help the convoy within your area

  • Organising fund raising events in local areas i.e. a womens pamper day, jumble sale/cake sale/food sale at your own events or local events already taking place
  • Organise Charity Dinner
  • Send out emails/text messages raising awareness and to get donations
  • Collections at Friday prayers
  • Make a facebook page for your area and keep people updated on fundraising events and drop off points contacts (Example – http://www.facebook.com/pages/AidConvoy2Syria-RedbridgeNewham-Branch/343941162295799 )
  • Approach members of community to donate towards purchasing/hiring a vehicle then work on filling it as a community
  • Approach local pharmacies especially muslim ones and other muslims business to donate medical aid and money donations
  • When approaching muslims businesses tell them they can advertise their business on the vans/lorries going on the convoy
  • Contact your university and arrange to raise money at the universities.
Jzk Admin.

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