Hama, 30 Years on!

Did you know today is the anniversary of the death of 10 000-40 000 people!

Today marks the anniversary of one of the most bloodiest days that the people of Syria have ever witnessed.

Bashar al Assad has proved to the world that he will carry on the legacy of his father Hafiz al Assad and suppress any threat of a revolution even at the expense of hundred and thousands of innocent men, women and children.

For some, it’s an emotional day, perhaps they lost loved ones whilst for others they may not even know about what took place during this bloody period.

neighborhoods were raised to the ground when protestors took to the streets 30 years ago and the security forces opened fire on the inhabitants of Hama indiscriminately killing innocent civilians.

I think it’s crucial that we are aware of not only our history as a nation and as a civilisation, but also our contemporary history.

The people of Hama, for the first time in 30 years have the opportunity to openly mourn the death of their relatives and openly discuss the events of that horrid campaign that lasted 27 days.

Bodies were left in the streets for days as the loved ones were too scared to retrieve the dead bodies and bury them.

Reports have been made of dogs descending into the town and eating the bodies whilst the women sought refuge in the mosques and hid in their homes.

Today I attended a protest outside the Syrian embassy but was saddened to find only a handful of people who attended.

Outside embassy

Hama 1982, destroyed after the government assault.

The affair of Hama and what is currently taking place is not a Syrian issue nor is it an Arab issue, but rather its an issue of belief, creed, righteousness, principle, moral and humanity.

Tanks roll into Hama 30 years ago.

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