Army Tanks roll into Ghouta

On Sunday government soldiers had moved into the suburbs of the Syrian   capital at dawn, along with at least 50 tanks and other armoured vehicles,   as they sought to reclaim districts that had fallen into the hands of the   Free Syrian Army.

At least 19 civilians and rebel fighters were killed in that initial attack,   the rebel group had said.

Fighters had taken over districts less than five miles from the heart of the   city. The areas have seen repeated protests against President Assad’s rule   and crackdowns by troops in the 10-month-old uprising.

There are reports that the Free Syrian Army has now withdrawn from the eastern   al-Ghouta area of Damascus, and regime forces have reoccupied the suburbs   and started making house-to-house arrests.

A spokesman for the Free Syrian Army fighting President Assad’s forces   appeared to confirm that account.

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