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Army Tanks roll into Ghouta

On Sunday government soldiers had moved into the suburbs of the Syrian   capital at dawn, along with at least 50 tanks and other armoured vehicles,   as they sought to reclaim districts that had fallen into the hands of the   Free Syrian Army.

At least 19 civilians and rebel fighters were killed in that initial attack,   the rebel group had said.

Fighters had taken over districts less than five miles from the heart of the   city. The areas have seen repeated protests against President Assad’s rule   and crackdowns by troops in the 10-month-old uprising.

There are reports that the Free Syrian Army has now withdrawn from the eastern   al-Ghouta area of Damascus, and regime forces have reoccupied the suburbs   and started making house-to-house arrests.

A spokesman for the Free Syrian Army fighting President Assad’s forces   appeared to confirm that account.


And when the victory of Allah comes…..

latest developments!!! for more info call 07949286133

On behalf of the convoy organizers, I would like to express our appreciation to those who have got in contact with us and offered their support. So far we’ve had individuals offering us medical supplies, volunteers and some media expertise.  However we are still asking for financial donations and that which is mentioned in the video. As a reminder we are in need of the following donations:

Additionally we’re looking for volunteers who would like to participate and raise money for a vehicle.

JazakumAllah khair

Wa Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

For more information please call 07949286133

Please watch and spread…

Aid Convoy 2 Syria – New Project!

It’s all over the news and internet, how can we avoid it? The Syrian unrest started in March 2011 and has taken a turn for the worse.

We, a group of people from London, have got together and are aiming to drive with a convoy of vans to delivery medical aid, food and clothes to the Syrian refugees in refugee camps in Turkey. We are non-political and  are looking for volunteers who can help us out. If anyone can lend us their expertise or donate money or aid we would greatly appreciate it.

We hope to leave early March 2012!

Please contact us via email at:

Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Please see the following article to read about the thousands of Syrian refugees living in camps in Turkey.

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