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For the lestest on the Road to Hope convoy, please check the new and updated website here at

They have photos and videos as well as twitter and route update.


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  1. salams bro. INSHAALLAH ALLAH SUBHANNATALLA will make every thing easy for you all, its really sad that humanity does not exist in some peoples hearts, how you all have gone so far leaving all your familys and loved ones behind for this good cause, MAY ALLAH PROTECT YOU ALL AND BRING YOU ALL SAFELY HOME , and my lovely nephew shabaz who is on this journey with you whom im missing very much, MAY ALLAH KEEP YOU ALL SAFE AMMEN.

    • Wa alaykum salam wr wb akhi, ameen and jazakumAllah khair for the dua. Yes your right akhi, there are some poeple whose hearts are hard as stone but this is the challenge that has faced mankind from its begining.

      MashAllah I got to know Shabz whilst on the convoy, especially the time we spent in Libya. I pray I see him again soon inshAllah, he’s a great charactar and an excellent travelling partner, May Allah make grant them firdaws, ameeeeeeeeeen.

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