Sad News!!!

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb 

Firstly I’d like to apologise for not being able to put up a post for the last few days I’ve been rather busy whilst on the move.  I haven’t been able to continue the journey and stick it out in Libya so unfortunately I have left the convoy for various reasons.

I left on Monday and made my way 120kMs with a few brothers to Tubruq where we caught a flight to Tripoli. The flight lasted 2 hours which is was relatively smooth and thought of driving over a thousand kilometers was not an option in my mind.

It was a shock to many of the brothers that I was leaving and I felt extremely sad yet it was a decision that I made based upon various incidents, feelings, realities etc.

I just spoke to one of the convoy members over the phone and at the moment he informed that they’ve been moved to what he described as a ‘haunted house’ and are waiting to see how things develop over the next few days.

JazakumAllah khair wa Asalamu Alaykum wr wb


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  1. Salaam brother.
    Jazzak Alllah for all of your updates over the last few weeks. They have been an extremely important link for my family and me. My younger brother Assim and my cousin Tauqir (a.k.a Tox) are both on the convoy. I am sure you must have got to know them well.
    Judging from the brief phone calls we have had from Assim and Tox, it seems as though the situation has deteriorated within the convoy.
    I wish you all the best in the future brother, and thanks again for your great updates.



    • Wa alaykum salam wr wb
      JazakumAllah khair for your comments. I got to know them very well and over the last few weeks especially in the north African stretch of the jourerney. MashAlah we all got on well and it was very nice having brothers like Asim and Tox in the convoy and without like minded brothers the hardships of the journey would have been unbearable. I hope we meet up soon and without sounding to negative, you’re right things have unfortunately deterioirated and Allah knows best.

      JazakAllah khair for the dua and may Allah grant us all jannah. Ameen.

  2. Sarah Jayze Lee

    Hello everyone!!

    I hope you are all well and are keeping up the high spirits!! What is happening with you all out there? Is there any up to date news? We are all praying for you and wishing you success in this journey. We have sent emails to the Egyptian Embassy here at Bristol and have also had a replies back. Seems that they are not happy with the whole organisation of the convoy ie you guys don’t have visas to enter and needed that before you left and also the fact that it is the holy month for muslims and extremely busy at the Rafah Crossings. They have made it clear that the convoy could have been better organised and that the port of Al Arish has always been open to convoys.

    I pray for your safe journey. Please keep us updated and let us know what is happening at this moment. I know you guys have moved to Tubruk, what is the next step?

    All the best to each and every one of you!!!

    Sarah Jayze xx

    • Hi Sarah, yeah there has been issues that many convoyers were’nt pleased with but we tried to be optomistic and over look them. IsnahAllah this is a steep learning curve for many especially those involved in organising this endevour.

      As I mentioned I’m not with the convoy anymore, I will get in contactwith some of the members to get an update on their progress.

      Thanx for the input


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