Locked out

Today I was woken up by the intense heat in the tent from the sun beaming onto it this morning combined with the body heat of a brother I’ve given refuge to in my tent.  The brother who I’ll refer to as ‘B’ was sleeping in his van so I offered to put him up in my tent as it’s spacious and two people  can comfortably fit in.

At the moment it’s the same old story no one knows anything and there’s an internal issue that is trying to be rectified and its leaving a bad impression on the convoy members.

Earlier during the day the convoy leaders travelled to meet an official to negotiate for the Libyans to provide us a vessel that will take us to Al Arish. In fact the official they went to meet was apparently a colonel, but I’m yet to find out how successful the meeting was.

During the day one brother whose vans parked next to mine left his key in the van so me and ‘B’ spent a good hour trying to get into the vehicle without causing any damage.

We managed to take of the small window on the passenger door that is adjacent to the mirror by removing the rubber seal and then yanking the glass out with a sharp object. It’s the first time I’ve entered a vehicle like this and alhumdulillah you learn something new every day and that’s one of the beauties of travelling.

The sign of relief on the brother who’d left the key in the vehicle’s face was apparent when we managed to open the door. Unfortunately many vehicles have one key and with more than one person needing access to the van is extremely irritating and the chances of losing the key are very high.

Once we retrieved the key we now had to try to replace the window back without breaking the glass which proved to be very fiddly and was a matter of trial and error. In the end we managed to replace the glass in one piece and the brothers were very relieved.

As is the routine we had our reminder after Maghrib prayer and the topic was about the destiny and control Allah has over lives.

In the evening me and a few brothers slipped out of this compound to grab a bite to eat in the local town. It’s not much of a town, its literally one main road with a few shops on it. The area is very rural and tribal, it’s very much like the wild west here with local mafia’s and gangs going around targeting their opponents and only the other day one convoy member witnessed a fight outside the restaurant he was eating in.

Alhumdulillah we didn’t encounter any problems and we returned back to the compound to find that there was a big meeting going on to discuss the course of action that’ll be taken from now on.

The weather at night is very chilly and in the day when the sum comes out it becomes very hot which is typical desert weather.

I still can’t get to an internet cafe, the nearest one is 120 kM’s away and none of the chaperones want to take me and the’re not permitting us to leave on our own. ImshAllah I’ll make a big effort tomorrow and try to pull a few strings, i.a

JazakumAllah khair


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