Improvisation is key

Today has been yet another day of uncertainty and from the moment we woke up it’s an immediate quest for answers and collecting information from those who are more likely to know. Although it’s a test of patience, being stagnant like this and not knowing what will take place in the next 24 hours really makes you appreciate how all affairs are in the hands of Allah.

From the moment we wake up we don’t know what we’ll eat, where we’ll be sleeping the night, or whether we’ll make any progress to our final destination. Although in essence this is the case with life in general, sometimes we forget how nothing is in our control and being in this limbo really makes one reflect upon this reality.

Being able to cope with too much time and not much to do can be a big test for some people, and those who fail in this test are those who are unable to find a way to reoccupy themselves and engage in things that will benefit them.

Having time on ones hands is something foreign to many, especially coming from the fast paced and busy lives we lead. It’s an opportunity many waste by maybe playing games on their phones or wondering around acting childish. It’s amazing how idle time can affect people and the amount of incidents that take place when a group of people come together with different backgrounds, cultures and views are innumerable.

I’m very surprised they haven’t made a reality show based upon a group of people all on a journey as they face the uncertainties and hardships of travelling, it beats big brother or any soap opera with all its twists and unravelling of plots.

We’re still receiving unconfirmed information and the latest is that the Libyan group, Al Quds five, who apparently we were meant to be tagging along with has for some reason not materialised and now we’ll be journeying by boat from Tobruk to AL Arish.

 Tobruk is approximately 120 kM’s from here on the way to Tripoli which is a coastal city off the Mediterranean and from there by sea we’ll be heading in a north-easterly direction towards Al Arish.

To be honest, from what occurred on the last land convoy, I knew our chances of travelling through Egypt to Al Arish were very slim.

In my humble opinion, the Egyptians aren’t fond of us entering Gaza, in fact they don’t want this hassle and its far easier for them to make it harder for us until we give up. This is for two reasons, the first being they don’t want this convoy to travel through their country from west to East along the coast which raises awareness about the plight of the people of Gaza, and secondly they’d rather avoid all the logistics of chaperoning us. Although it’s more a case of surveillance and preventing as much interaction between the convoy and the local population as possible, the logistics involved is something they would rather avoid by allowing us to enter on the condition we arrive in the port of Al Arish.

This condition was previously stated on the last convoy when we spent approximately a week in Aqaba Jordan which was the reason why we backtracked all the way to Damascus and Latakia.

I suppose only time will tell and as I mentioned these events highlight how only Allah controls the affairs and nothing comes about except by the permission of Allah.

At the moment we’re eating whatever we can whip up from the food we have in our vans and there is no proper cooking facilities we just improvise with whatever we have. Most people have those travel cookers and some brothers have got together and fried chips and made them into butties, not very nutritional, whilst others are on a staple diet of pot noodles. Those who tend to live off pot noodles are usually the can’t cook wont cook individuals who can just about work a camping cooker, pour water into a pot heat it up and follow the instructions on the side of the pot noodle packet.

Some individuals prefer to starve and wait for someone to make something and then just either ask or wait to be offered whatever their eating, whilst some brother take the initiative to cook and seem to enjoy improvising.

Towards the evening as Maghrib set in we prayed in congregation in a spare room as the building that we’re staying in has plenty of rooms so we managed to turn one into a masjid. We’re trying to make it part of the daily routine to have a reminder every day and today’s was about the explanation of Surat al Asr, which is a very powerful chapter of the Quran.

There seems to be a lot of individuals with much talent and in the evening some brothers wanted to cover up some writing on their van that was written on at one of the stops in Libya. Everytime we stop people tend to write on our vehicles messages to the people of Gaza. Some members of the convoy allow it whilst others don’t. Personally I think it should be avoided to keep the vehicles in as good condition as possible.

The brothers decided to cover it up by spraying the vans with some art work so one individual sprayed the side with ‘Allahu Akbar’ and the back with a knight bearing a black flag. MashAllah it looked very impressive and I’ll try and get a picture to upload.

InshAllah I’ll be off to my tent to sleep the night, although there are rooms as usual I prefer to sleep in my tent and I’ve managed to get some of the foam mattresses that people are using inside to give it that extra cosy feeling.



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