Passing time at the border

Today has been a very eventful day, not in terms of us making any progress towards our destination but rather a few internal  events took place that I dare not publicise as at the moment I see it to be counterproductive. To be honest this has been unfolding over the last couple of days and its disappointing to see it take place on such a journey but I suppose disagreements driven by egos and personal agendas will always plague endeavours of goodness and righteousness. InshAllah we’re always optimistic and any situation regardless how negative it may seem can bear good fruits and I pray this is the best attitude to have. Road to hope is on the road to recovery and the best policy is to keep ones intention pure and refrain from becoming involved in such tribulation.

If there was any benefit in discussing in more detail what has taken place I would and maybe on another occasion it may be called for. As for now it’s more important to put the past behind and look forward to what’s ahead of us and concentrating on entering Egypt and then Gaza.

I don’t mean to shed negative light upon this convoy but I’d rather not portray it to be what it’s not and then the reality becomes known. As for me and a lot of other brothers we’re getting on with what we set out to do and inshAllah we’ll get to our final destination.

Other than that we’ve been sitting on the border waiting for news and there’s been much correspondence with various organisations and with the Egyptians regarding us entering Egypt.

The morale of the people is mixed, some are keeping themselves in high spirits reading Quran, cooking with whatever food we have, listening to lectures etc and some feel despondent and have been affected by the uncertainty.

In order to kerb the negativity and raise the spirits and address some concerns regarding Islamic behaviour an Islamic reminder (Mowidha) was held.

It’s essential to remind people about their lord in times where uncertainty settles in especially when you have people from all different backgrounds and understandings.

We’ve occupied the area that we’re staying in is a newly constructed border crossing which is yet to be opened so we have this whole area to ourselves. Outside the building we’re staying is the road that leads in to Egypt which we have the vans parked on and the rest of the area we use either to play football, cook or just chill out in.

In the evening the brothers started racing on the road as its one straight, so when I was challenged I couldn’t refuse. We separated in 4-5 heats and the two winners would go to the next round. MashAllah these things keep the brothers going and it takes the minds off all the pressure and even the police who are with us join in, I think they find us very entertaining. Anyway I’ll give you all the opportunity to guess who was the road to hope 2010 sprinting champion J.

InshAllah tomorrow we hope to have some more information and maybe make some progress if Allah wills and I’ve got so many offers of a rematch from sore losers, so I better conserve my energy and head off to bed.


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