Heading towards the Egyptian border

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

I didn’t really get much sleep last night since I went to sleep after fajr as I had a few personal things that I needed to get on with and as we were in a hotel with all the facilities available I thought I’d seize the opportunity.

Even though we were in a five star hotel I was still contemplating on sleeping in my tent as the brothers I was sharing a room with couldn’t sleep with the air conditioning on and it was really hot in the room. Nevertheless I decided to sleep in the room and get a few hours of sleep before breakfast.

I woke up this morning about 9 o’clock and headed to the food hall to have breakfast, which was the typical breakfast that is eaten in this part of the world, boiled eggs, bread, jam and olives.

After breakfast I was tempted to go for a swim on the beach but we were called in for a meeting where we discussed what the schedule for the day would be.

Soon after we headed out to meet group ‘E’ who had made their way to the border last night and were stationed in compound about 2 kM’s from the border.

Upon arrival things seemed to be not as straight forward as we hoped as the Egyptian authorities weren’t granting us permission to enter.

I felt that entering Egypt wouldn’t be straight forward as initially expected and we were now waiting in the compound that belonged to what seemed like a police station. Alhumdulillah we had the traditional tents which were very comfortable which we ate in and prayed in and relaxed.

I could tell from this moment onwards we’re now entering a waiting game and this is where patience is needed.

Although we had tents there were no other facilities apart from a hut which I was told had a toilet in it. I didn’t even dare to use the toilets fearing the unhygienic condition it may be in.

It was nice to see that everyone started to use their initiative and people gathered whatever food they had in their vehicles along with their cookers and started cooking together. I managed to slip out to a local restaurant and grab some local food which was roasted chicken cooked in those ovens where the chickens rotates, I think their called rotisseries. This type of chicken is very common throughout north Africa and its relatively healthy and at the same time it’s quite tasty. 

When I returned back to the compound I was put in charge of collecting the groups ‘manifesto’s’, which is a list of the contents of the vans. After completing that the athan for maghrib was called and we prayed in a large congregation.

Once we had prayed a reminder was held regarding the day of resurrection and how this ultimately should be considered as ‘the bigger picture’.

When in this situation, you often hear people compromising in their deen for the sake of the ‘bigger picture’ justifying their actions, forgetting that the biggest picture is the Day of Judgment. Whatever we set out to do in life, our actions should be to please Allah and we shouldn’t be prepared to engage in that which is displeasing thinking that we’ll be successful in our endeavours.

Shortly after we were told to head towards our vehicles and head out to another location that is more suitable that was around the corner.

The place we’re currently staying in is a newly set of dorms for workers who work on the border and the building is the last building as you enter Egypt on the border.

The accommodation is sufficient alhumdulillah it has toilets and showers and its spacious and out the front is a tarmac road where the vans are parked.

In the evenings the weather is very pleasant, a cool breeze yet warm enough to wear a t-shirt and just before having a shower and retiring for the night some brothers and non-muslims got together and played a 5 a side football tournament. It’s times like this that brings people together and takes the mind off all of the hardships and uncertainties that comes along with these convoys.


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