5 Star in Libya

When we arrived at our hostel everyone rushed in with their bags to try to get a room and a jump in the showers as the sand could be felt all over the skin and in the hair. The location of the hostel that we stayed in was called Jabal Akhdar, which is where most of the resistance against the Italians led by Umar Al Mukhtar, took place

Also in this vicinity was an ancient city built by the Greeks and some members of the convoy were taken on an excursion to view the ancient city.

As for me I could barely stay awake and I managed to slip in an hour of sleep after Fajr as I knew we weren’t leaving for a few hours. Unfortunately I missed breakfast which was a cup of coffee and a croissant. As we had a bit of time I managed to slip away with two other brothers and grab an egg sandwich and a few cups of coffee for breakfast. The reason why I say a ‘few’ cups is because the cups are so small and even then they only fill it up half way, so I end up having to drink at least three.

We then made our way to the Libyan/Egyptian border. This is the only area of Libya that we’ve past that is mountainous as for the rest it seems to flat throughout. The scenery was amazing as we passed many ancient abodes that were carved into the sides of the mountains as we weaved our way through the mountain passes.

Eventually we arrived at a 5 star hotel for lunch and we were hosted by various local organisation who insisted that we would feed us as we pass by them on our way to Gaza.

We’ve spent a good few days in Libya and this stretch is taking a great deal of time as we keep being invited by people and organisation who want to express their support for this endeavour.

In the hotel we were served food that you’d expect in a five-star hotel with drinks and desserts, we could get used to this and although we do appreciate it, time is moving on and we wish to press on with the journey to Gaza.

The hotel was a great opportunity to use the internet and everyone after eating rushed around with their laptops and charges looking for a plug socket and a strong signal to upload data and check emails etc.

Before I managed to upload an update and some pictures, we were called to leave and everyone started to get in their vehicles and shortly after we left for our next destination, Tobruk.

Again we were invited for dinner in a sea food restaurant where we met the local people who expressed their support for us and bided us farewell.

On the way to the border, there was some confusion as to where we’d be spending the night. Whilst in Tobruk we were offered to spend the night in a five-star hotel 20 ks from the border although some wanted to spend the night at the border.

After reconciling between we took up the offer of spending the night at the hotel which had its own private beach.

The hotel was in a very isolated location and to get to it we had to descend down a very steel slope that winded down to the hotel.

At the moment I’m just trying to send an update from the hotel and then get off to my room.

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb


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