Still in Libya Day Four 25.10.10

The accommodation we stayed in last night was another scouts camp and they all seem to be similar. By our standards they’re dorms that are out of the eighties. Flaking paintwork, corroding pipes, outdated tiled floor, lumpy mattresses, that look as if though they’ve been there for years. It’s not the places you’d come to for a holiday. Also a lot of the times the showers don’t have heads to them so the water just comes out of a pipe. Well at least we’ve got hot running water and that’s a blessing when journeying non stop.

I decided to sleep in my tent last night in the car park as the room was plagued with preying mosquitoes and its one of those catch 22 situations, open the windows and get bitten by the mosquitoes or close the windows and roast.

une nuit dans le désert

Image by hpirator via Flickr


The second option is a no no for me, I can’t sleep when it’s hot, so the best option for me was to sleep outside in my massive pop up tent. Alhumdulillah I seem to sleep very well in it and it’s obviously much cooler outside and furthermore the mosquitoes can’t get in due to the nets.

Last night was really windy and despite the wind almost blowing me and my tent away, I slept well. In the morning the strong wind continued causing a sand storm, which was very uncomfortable. Visibility was reduced and when outside the sand would blow into the eyes, nose and mouth. Many of the conveyers wrapped their faces and wore their sun glasses to prevent the sand blowing into their faces.

The convoy has grown in number by those who joined from other places around the world today. The departure was delayed by a good few hours as we were collecting money to pay for the transport that had been purchased for those who’d flown to Libya. It was a missed opportunity for me to get back into my cosy tent and have a few hours more sleep, but the problem is that your always made to believe we’re on the verge of leaving yet it’s rarely the case.

Once we eventually left we headed towards our destination of the day which is about 300 kM’s east of Benghazi. We’re making our way to Egypt yet we’ll most certainly be here for a couple more days. Some rumours are going around that we’ll be entering Egypt on Wednesday and to be honest Libya doesn’t appeal to me much and I think many people share the same feeling as me. Libya’s one giant sand pit, the stuff gets everywhere, it’s all in the van and sometimes it’s not worth cleaning it as it just keeps entering the van.

Driving through the sand storm was very uncomfortable as it was very warm and we were unable to open the windows because of the sand.  Although the windows were shut, the sand was still coming in through the vents leaving the dash-board and our clothes coated with fine red sand.

2007 Libya - Sirte desert, approaching stormy sky
Image by Space & Light via Flickr

The sand’s everywhere even in our hair and beards making it feel course like wire and when we wiped our faces with baby wipes a layer of reddish brown sand would come off, a bit like all that foundation that women wear or that fake tan stuff. I guess women don’t need it here .

At the moment were still driving to our destination and we stopped off for maghrib on the way and inshaAllah it shouldn’t be too long until we arrive and inshAllah I’ll head out to see if I can get online in the local town. We’ve scheduled a reminder to be delivered for the brothers so they can keep their Emaan high, as like I previously mentioned some brothers are finding it difficult with all the distractions to keep strong.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum, may Allah make the rest of your journey easy for you all and reward you all immensely, allowing you all to attain the best of the dunya and most immortantly the best of Akhira, its amazing your description of libya it truely reminds me of the movie ‘lion of the desert’ with the mujahid umar mukhtar, it was very sandy and derserty in the movie, it weird that their description in the movie was right and that its still the same, wal hamdulillah, take care all of you, wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    • Wa alaykum salam Jazakillah khair for showing your support, we do really appreciate. I do apologise for not responding in good time, it’s just been very hard to get online. Yes Libya is very arid and sandy, I can’t really remember the film as its been a long time since I’ve seen it. One of the first things I’ll do when I return is watch the film inshAllah. May Allah grant us all Jannah wa Alaykm asalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

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