Libya Day Three 24.10.10


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The day started with a quick breakfast and then we he headed out approximately 200 kM’s where we stopped to have breakfast in a strange building just off the main motorway that links Tripoli to Benghazi.

It turned out that the building was a base for a Turkish company that are building the main Railway linking Tripoli to Benghazi. Everyone was baffled why we were bought to such a building, but the manager of the company wanted to host us and greet us as we ate brunch in the canteen.

Just a few kilometres away we drove to a site that was one of the execution grounds and concentration camps belonging to the Italians when they colonised Libya. Many people were hanged here and subjected to the brutal methods employed by the colonialists. The local guide who took us there said that the state of the Gazans today mirrored that of the Muslims in Libya during the Italian invasion as they had a large fence blockading any aid coming from Egypt.

We also saw a destroyed Italian tank at the site which was blown up by the Libyan mujahideen during the invasion.

The destination for the day was Benghazi and on the way we stopped off in a school where we were invited for lunch. The journey from there to Benghazi was a slow monotonous journey and the heat doesn’t help when trying to stay awake.

Muhammad Al-Mukhtar (Umar Mukhtar's Son)

After a long drive we arrived in another scouts camp where we had dinner and some cakes, which surprisingly enough, actually tasted nice. One brother on the convoy who is originally from Libya managed to organise a visit to Mohamed al Mukhtar’s house, the son of Umar al Mukhtar. For those who don’t know who he is watch the film ‘lion of the desert’ a film about the struggle the Muslim’s went through to rid this land from the colonial forces.

Umar Mukhtar Rahimullah

I do apologise, I didn’t manage to get online to upload my post as by the time we returned from Mohamed al Mukhtar’s house it was really late.

Umar Mukhtar Rahimullah

It’s unfortunate that a land which personalities such as Umar al Mukhtar fought so valiantly for has been reduced to what it is now. Some brothers were out on the town last night and were told the taxi’s don’t stop for people with beards and were stranded. It’s a shame yet its our state and my message to the people of Libya is to wake up and return to the pure religion of Islam, so that we may progress in this life and earn the favours of our lord.

Night night.


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