Tunisia, get me out of here!!!

The hostility of the authorities was apparent when we attempted to stick to the route planned and enter Gabes for a break. They blocked off the turning that leads to Gabes with their vehicles so we stopped in the middle of the road and argued with them to allow us to roam freely into the city.

Tunisian/Lbyan Border

After exchanging words with the police the it had become more apparent what game they were playing. The police were adamant not to let us into the city so we decided not to stay in the country any longer than needed and we told them we just wanted to leave your country allow us to go.

As we made our way to Ben Gardan which is the last town before the Libyan border, I looked at the map and noticed that the route they were taking us was not the direct, and main route. It seemed that they were taking us through the back routes that we really remote and it felt like that we were being taken around in circles. We kept stopping the police and asking where are they taking us, what they were telling us didn’t add up, yet we had no choice but to follow them.

As we got to a fork in the road we noticed that the turning to the border was blocked off and they weren’t permitting us to make our way there.

It’s very hard to see any good in these people after they’ve treated us like this. They wanted us to stay the night in a scout’s camp. Personally I believe they wanted us to stay the night so they could exploit us and use us to publicise to the people of Tunisia that they supporting the Palestinian cause.

Lake by the beach

After negotiation and deciding that we would go to the border the and leave Tunisia as soon as possible, the decision was changed and we then made our way to the accommodation. They hosted us and the mayor came down where he bought his banners and put on a little show for the cameras they were treating us well. In my opinion we should have just left Tunisia, but the decision was made and although I voiced my opinion and dissatisfaction with the decision we stayed in Tunisia for another night.


Sunset by the beach




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