Lastest from Libya

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

My eyes feel like there about to close so I’ll make this a brief post. We’re currently in a place called Masatra not too far from Tripoli and we’ll be staying the night in a youth hostel. Tomorrow we’ve got an early start, 7 in the morning and we’ve got 4-500 kM’s to go. InshaAllah I’ll be able to get online, and I’ll keep everyone posted, JazakumAllah khair.


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  1. As salaam alaikum wr wb
    My bro is on this convoy alhumdulillah well i hope insha’allah we all keep making dua for the brothers and
    sisters and keep safe keep strong and remember your objectives which is to help the muslims brothers and sisters, be aware of shaytaan’s tricks and most of all remember Allah is the most great and Allah swt is the best helper

    neway my brothers name is tahir khan and he is with the london click
    take a picture of all you lot together upload pic keep updateing good job.

    As salaam alaikum

  2. Salaams bro,pray u are all well I.A. missing u and J loads. May Allah protect u all on your journey and make it easy for you all ameen. Keep us in ur dua’s. Wa salaam Umm D xxx

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