Calling to Allah in Constantine

Currently we’re in Constantine, Algeria, and arrived here last night at about, 10.30. Alhumdulillah we managed to break away from the police convoy which is more of a hinderence than a benefit and for this reason we managed to gain a lot of ground last night. The white slug is moving a lot better now the fuel filter has been changed. We’re reaching speeds of 80mp/h and it’s tackling the inclines a lot better. Please make du’a as it seems that we’re developing another mechanical problem.

The police are insisting that we stay as one whole group and are not allowing us to proceed towards Tunisia, until all vehicles are ready to go. One of the vehicle is being repaired at the moment and as soon as that vehicle is ready then we’ll be allowed to set off. I’m not sure what the distance to Tunisia is, someone has suggested it’s another 700kM, but I’ll google it shortly. (It’s 200kM)

I do apologise if I’m unable to keep you updated, at the moment it’s very hard to get online as we’re often far away from town centers or we reach destinations very late. Also the police confine us to the compounds we stay in. Alhumdulillah yesterday I snuck out of the compound and I apologise for the blog being abrupt but the locals who snuck me out were rushing me as they were very nervous.

Map of Tunisia

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InshAllah we should be leaving for Tunisia shortly and I ask Allah to make our journey easy. Earlier the leader of the convoy was delivering a speech and I insisted after that I take the mic and deliver a reminder to the convoy members and those from the locals who were present. Although we’re making our way to Gaza, calling people back to Allah is still a obligation upon us. The people here are in need of being reminded about the day when we’ll stand infront of Allah and ultimately Al Aqsa will not be free until we return to our religion. Success is truly from Allah and it’s from the obedience to Allah that will give victory.

This is something we need to constantly bear in mind and my intention is to keep calling the people back to Allah.



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  1. May Allah protect everyone on the convoy and make your transport reliable and safe. May Allah guide and protect us all Ameen.

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