Abandon Ship!

Today’s been a very long day and we’ve arrived at our destination and most of the conveyers seem to be very disappointed. We set off first thing in the morning with our police ‘escort’ and made our way towards Algerian capital, Algiers.  

On the way here we stopped off for lunch in a small town, where the people were happy to see us and in general the Algerian people are very supportive and admire our efforts to help the people of Gaza. InshaAllah I’ll keep you updated getting online is very hard and I literally had to sneak out of the barracks car park with the help of two local brothers who have bought me here, as we’re not allowed to leave the location, so I’ll have to keep this brief, as time is limited.

It’s been a 20 hour day since we first woke up this morning and although we’ve been making our way since early this morning the progress we made has been slow and plagued with mechanical faults. 

 Our vehicle split up from the main group to fill up with diesel, when our alternator belt snapped and one of the brothers thought that he saw fire and at the time I was half asleep in the back row. The driver swerved the van and I woke up to one of the brother screaming “abandon the van, jump out”. We all jumped out in including myself. The way we threw ourselves out of the vehicle must’ve scared the armed police car who were accompanying us at the time. At the time I wasn’t too sure why we were jumping out the van, but I just heard the call and responded and thought I’d ask questions later. It happened to be that there was no fire and it was a false alarm. It was a very slow road to the destination, and our van was still not running correctly. After hours of driving approximately three in the morning we arrived at our destination and many people were disappointed why we were made to come soo far to a location with no facilities except one toilet. The place we’re staying is an army barrack, and didn’t justify the long drive which could have been very dangerous if not fatal.

As you may be aware, there is an internal conflict taking place here, with a resistance group fighting the government in the mountains. It’s clear that they are very wary about the members of the convoy and they have a very close watchful eye on us.  After the alternator belt snapped we still managed to drive to a petrol station where we managed get the belt replaced. Once the belt was replaced, we rejoined the rest of the convoy and continued with the journey.   

After we were laughing and imagining how it seemed to the security forces at the time, we were sure they must’ve thought we were ambushing them lol.  




Jazakum Allah khair.







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