Crossing borders

After getting the chance to have a good scrub and a nice sleep, it was time to head out and make our way towards Algeria. We left the hotel after having breakfast, which was approximately 300 kM from the border.  

The journey there was a slow one as the roads were single carriage ‘A’ roads that passed through towns and weaved through the mountainous area that occurs before the town Al Oujda. In order to take our minds off the journey we often keep ourselves entertained by our virtual ‘radio station’ ‘road to hope FM’ where we share hadith of the prophet s.a.w and ayat of the Quran and discuss issues of the deen over the C.B radio’s. MashaAllah it does keep us going sometimes and can be very humorous. 
Eventually in the evening we finally arrived at the border which I passed through on the first ‘viva Palestina’ convoy almost two years ago. This border has been closed since 1994 due to the ongoing conflict between Morocco and Algeria over a baron piece of land in the Sahara desert. I say its baron, but there must be a reason why they’re fighting for it, possibly some oil, but I’ve never really looked into it.

This seems to be the story of the ummah at the moment, and for this reason Allah has allowed our enemies to overpower us whilst we bicker with one another and fight for the sake of a flag. For this reason I strongly encourage those on the convoy not to fly any flags as this fuels nationalism as in Islam we only have one flag, the flag the messenger of Allah carried.

When going through these countries and borders, all which have their own flags, uniforms, anthems and constitutions, it hard not to think that Palestine will not be liberated until this is all eliminated and the ummah of the messenger s.a.w. becomes one nation. Once upon a time the only document one needed to pass through foreign territory within the Islamic borders was his testimony of Allah’s oneness. In fact even nonMuslims were free to travel within the land. 

If one goes back and reads how these countries developed, it’ll become apparent that it was the enemies of Allah who defined these borders and installed agents that in reality are an extension of these enemies and will only act in the interest of their masters.  
Whilst waiting at the border, the mayor of the local town ‘magniyyah’ offered to fill our tanks with diesel and they fed us with cous cous and so far their hospitality has put the Moroccans to shame.

This stretch of the journey is a very long one approximately 1000 miles so we’ll be here for a good few days.

Tonight will be spent at the border, and I’ve heard that they did arrange a hotel for us, but as we didn’t leave the border due to the late arrival of one of the groups, the 200 kM journey would be too much of a struggle to complete as its now drawing close to 11 o’clock.

I won’t be able to put this post up as I’m unable to get to an internet cafe, but as soon as I get the chance I will do so.

Night, Night


Wassalamu Alaykum   





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