The long road to Algeciras

It’s been a long day today and the concept of days and dates have gone out the window. I was told tomorrow is Thursday and was shocked to hear it, the days are flying by and time yet again fails to respect any man.

I pray that this endeavour is an action that is considered by Allah as righteous and that we are not from those who are in loss. When embarking upon a journey like this and this is the case with all actions, it’s very important to keep purifying the intention and to constantly ask Allah to oversee your shortcomings.

The distance covered from day-to-day varies, some days you cover a large amount of ground and some days you may encounter problems such as yesterday, but alhumdulillah, it’s now nearly four in the morning and we’re approaching Algeciras, the point where we’ll be leaving Europe and entering Africa.

The day started after Fajr where we left the service station where we stayed the night, a few kilometres before Madrid. I’ve been assigned the task of navigating our group and this morning was a real challenge as we made our way from Madrid, south towards Cordoba.


The lessons you learn from travelling are innumerable and staying the night in a location before any city is a real NO NO and a lesson we learnt that we’ll ensure we won’t repeat.

Travelling through a city during rush hour, especially in convoy is something you’d want to avoid at any costs. It’s far more efficient to travel that few kilometres extra at night and pass the city when there is no traffic than attempting to do it in the morning.

By the grace of Allah we managed to avoid the traffic by navigating around one of the ring roads that go around Madrid where we then caught the A4 southbound. By taking a wrong turning, it could’ve become very messy and we would’ve been sitting in traffic for hours. Alhumdulillah, by the help of Allah we were spared from that.

On route the white slug got a puncture on the motorway and we spent a good half hour on the side trying to get the tyre changed which is extremely dangerous, especially when the motorway is two lanes.


 We managed to change the tyre and were then in need to purchase a new spare. As we drew close to Cordoba we found a tyre shop and paid 67 Euros for a tyre, what a rip off, but we didn’t have much of an option.



Upon arriving in Cordoba we parked up the vehicles and squeezed in a spot of sightseeing. When you see what was once a magnificent mosque built within era where the ummah was thriving and now it’s used as a cathedral, you can’t really call it sightseeing.  It’s very sad to see what has become of the ummah of the messenger s.a.w. I know I have mentioned how sad it is before, but when travelling through these regions, it’s extremely upsetting.


For those who choose to place a mental block over our reality truly have a hard heart and may Allah guide us to his correct path.

Whilst being in an area were we thought they’d be many Muslims, it was suggested that we go and look for some Halal food. Eventually we stumbled across a place where they sold Moroccan food, where we enjoyed a nice Tagine.

After satisfying our stomachs, we hit the road immediately and raced towards the port of Algeciras, in order to complete our last stretch within European territory. It’s been a long drive and we’ve just arrived at our destination at five in the morning.

Unfortunately there’s no WIFI that I can find, but I really need to close my eyes, so inshAllah at the next opportunity I come across I’ll upload this post.

JazakimAllah khair.


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