Hola Espana and a few glitches

Last night we arrived at our destination rather late as we were weaving our way through the city of bordeaux looking for the place that we’d be staying in.  Bordeaux is a very traditional French city, with its extremely thin cobbled streets lined with typical French styled apartments. It was some task taking our vans down the narrow back streets of Bordeaux not knowing where we’re going and it was then that we decided to approach a taxi driver and ask him to assist us getting to our location.


We eventually found one and Alhumdulillah, he took us to the place we were staying at with no problems. We were pleased to see we had a nice warm place to stay the night; we were hosted by a local Mosque who fed us and allowed us to stay in the masjid for the night.

We prayed Fajr in the morning behind the imam and then headed out for the road immediately after, fearing we’d get caught up in the morning rush hour. By the grace of Allah, there was a general strike taking place where all public services were closed, leaving the motorways free for us to make our way to Spain without getting caught up in the traffic.

It wasn’t too long after heading out that we arrived in Spain where we began our decent down from the Pyrenees mountains.

After a few hours of driving and stopping for breaks, we passed San Sebastian and decided to press on towards Madrid when we received a message over the C.B that one of the vehicles ran out of fuel and conked out on the motorway. It doesn’t matter how much you reiterate to the drivers to ensure they have plenty of fuel for the journey, you’ll always face this problem. This cost us much valuable time and although they broke down, they were literally on the opposite side of the road to a petrol station.

They managed to cross the busy motorway and fill up a jerry can and bring it back to the vehicle. After regrouping with the vehicle and the vehicle that stopped to help them, they announced to us that there window wipers weren’t working. As we were still fairly high above sea level and by the look of the sky we were anticipating it to rain. We had to improvise and find a solution to how we would overcome this problem. I suggested we tie a rope to the wipers and when it rains they’d manually pull the rope from within the car that is attached to the wiper arm which wipes the windscreen. The passenger would also have a piece of rope so when the driver pulls it and it wipes the screen the passenger then pulls his rope and it then wipes it again.  It’s quite humorous when you see it, but in this circumstance it’ll have to do. InshaAllah I’ll get you a snap of that when I get a chance.


Eventually after dealing with all these problems we picked up the pace and covered a few hundred kilometres and have now reached the meeting spot for the night which is a service station off the A1 at junction 28. I’m hoping they have WIFI so I can upload the blog and some pics inshaAllah.

The weather is very nippy as it tends to be every time we come here, but that’s just at night and in the day it tends to be hot.

As for the menu today, I managed to whip us some fried salami with onion gravy topped up with sweet corn, accompanied by fried eggs.  We’ve been snacking on pot noodle and tuna the rest of the day. If you guys knew how many pot noodles we have with all the variations you’d be shocked. I can see myself getting sick of these pot noodles very soon.

Oh by the way, I almost forgot to mention one of my co-conveyers, who showed us a pair of shoes he bought when we were cleaning the van. He told us that they were a size 12 and half, and that they were too big so he wanted to donate them to Gaza. Initially we thought, ‘okay’, that sounds normal, shortly after, out of curiosity we asked him,

“so..what size are you?”

 He replied, “Size 9” we looked at each other and burst out laughing, we couldn’t understand how you end up buying a pair of shoes 3.5 sizes bigger. It’s not like they look similar in size. The shoes are huge lol. We couldn’t stop laughing the whole night and I laughed soo much my head began to hurt.

Anyway, enough of the humour, I’m going to try to see if I can get online and do an update.




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