To Bourdeaux and beyond

Last night was a cold night and we reached our destination close to midnight, which was some type of car park. There weren’t any toilets or wash facilities at the site, so we had to make do with and rough it for the night. MashaAllah it was nice and cosy in my tent and I had a nice sleep ready to start the journey the next morning.

Not long after salat al fajr we set off, we didn’t really have much time to make any breaky, as apparently we were scheduled to stop off in another service station not too far down the road. Surprise, surprise, that stop off was a few hours later, but I suppose you get used to plans that don’t happen.

Anyway I came prepared, I had my muesli and my milk whilst on the go, and mashaAllah it really hit the spot.

Last night, when we arrived at the place where we camped the night, we managed to find our gas cookers in the van despite the van being in a tip. We managed to whip up some noodles to go with our bread and tinned fish. It was then that we discussed how when travelling like this you really appreciate what you have, and how the most basic meals can be so satisfying. Another brother also mentioned that when he was on the last convoy, he was with his driving partner and they were enjoying a tuna and sweetcorn pitta bread sandwich when the driving partner said to him, “if my wife prepared this for me, I would’ve sent her back in the kitchen”


When we arrived at the place of destination we regrouped with some other members of the convoy, who somehow managed to get lost and others who catching up from the U.K.

We had our briefing and a few issues were made clear and a few rules we put in place.

Today we’ve been making our way south towards Bourdeaux, which is not too far from the Spanish border. We’ve been having a few problems with getting hold of some Euro’s as we’re avoiding the main cities.

It was a bit chaotic at the toll booth as most of the drivers didn’t have Euros, but Alhumdulillah one brother had quite a few Euro’s so we exchanged it with him and managed to pass through the toll. SubhanAllah, the toll charges are very high and today we’ve spent 13 + 43 Euro’s on tolls alone.

Currently, we’ve passed Tours, and Poitiers, which is not that far from Paris. It’s sad to think that this city, Tours, which we’ve just passed is where the Muslims fought bravely in the battle of Balaat ash Shuhada. It’s in this battle our predecessors, only approximately 100 years after hijri, were defeated at the hand of a large united European army.

It was without doubt the decree of the all-Mighty that the army of Abdur Rahman al Ghafiqy were not given victory. Nevertheless the Muslims had high aspirations and placed their trust in the all-Mighty Allah and sought to elevate the deen of Allah. It’s a shame that we make our way to Gaza with Aid for the oppressed and not as those who’ll regain the captured masjid of Al Aqsa.

We ask Allah for sincerity in our religion and that he places us upon the guidance of the rightly guided.

From then on, the Muslims remained on the other side of the Pyrenees and the land that we’re shortly about to cross was all under the rule of the Muslim’s.  It’s due to the tyrannical inquisition the traces of Islam have been totally eliminated from the society. It can only be imagined the brutality the Muslims were subjected to, to remove a culture of a people who were established and ruled for eight centuries.

Every time I come to France, it amazes me to see how beautiful this country is. The landscape is utterly breathtaking, with lakes and hills varying in colour. Although I’ve taken some pictures, the picture can never really depict what the eye and heart  see’s and feels.

InshAllah we’ve got a few hours left until we reach our destination, where we can settle for the night and recuperate for tomorrows journey where we’re scheduled to enter Spain.



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