The Journey Begins

It’s been a long day and currently we’re driving to a service station not too far from Calais. We haven’t covered much ground as we’re trying to locate some convoy members and regroup.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the service station on the M40, where we were scheduled to meet this morning and leave from. I had a car to collect from the mechanics which really threw me off schedule the whole day.

I did mention in yesterday’s post about the send off from the BBC HQ. Some of you did enquire about the time the convoy would be outside the BBC HQ in white city so you could attend. I do apologise, but the convoy organisers didn’t really have a specific time, either because they didn’t have one or things didn’t go accordingly to what they had in mind.

JazakumAllah khair for expressing your intent to attend, and May Allah reward you for your intentions.

I eventually managed to meet my co-drivers at about mid-day and we headed down towards Folkestone where we boarded the Eurotunnel to France. We came across the most strangest individual at passport control, who opened our van door and then starting firing questions at us:

“Are you all from the same place?

“You Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, deobundi, salafi?

I was gobsmacked, he was very upfront and he had a devilish look about him. After listening to his line of questioning, I couldn’t tell if he was serious or if he was clowning around, so I returned the question back unto him. He was obviously being very cloudy but tried to make out as if he maybe a Muslim. He quoted some Arabic, even Islamic terminology but with a ‘bogie’ English accent.

He obviously knew a fair bit about Islam.

It was somewhat apparent, that by his questioning he was insinuating that we held religious views that HE would consider extreme.

When I looked at him I could see an individual with a devilish heart just like those mentioned in the Quran.

By the will of Allah, we were eventually permitted to go through where we boarded the trains and finally arrived in France.


In my vehicle, we’re five brothers and it’s pretty tight in here. The Van is a white LDV, 17 seater, yes another LDV. This is a bit of older model to the ‘Yellow submarine’, and it’s a lot slower. My wife suggested we call it the ‘white shark’, and I thought “yeah that sounds good” but after driving in it I feel very reluctant to do so. It’s not much of a shark, more like a slug.

Maybe we should call it the ‘white slug’ what do you guys think, any suggestions? Please put your suggestions forward, I’ll like to hear them.

InshAllah we should be arriving at our destination for the night shortly, a 24 hour service station. There we’ll regroup and be briefed as we’ve yet to have a formal briefing due to the teething problems we’ve had so far.

It’s a cold night here, just how I like it :). There a biting chill in the air, and we’ll be camping under the stars, where we can get some warm food down us. Everyone’s hungry and we haven’t eaten since this afternoon. As usual, we’re all snacking on junk, crisps, biscuits, monkey nuts (very messy) etc. InshAllah we’ll get a chance to whip up some food there and get a good night rest.

I’m just trying to remember all the people I’ve been requested to make dua’ for, so inshaAllah I better I get on with it and leave you until later.


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