Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

I hope everyone is well and in good health. I know its been a long time since I’ve blogged, but as you may be aware there’s a convoy heading for Gaza that is leaving tomorrow, and inshaAllah I’ll be going along with them. So here I am again.

This time the convoy isn’t headed by Viva Palistina, rather it’s a group of brothers and sisters and some non-Musims who were part of the last convoy. They’ve got together and decided to make their way to Gaza without all the political agenda’s that came along with the last road trip. Being in such a large group, with so many different people, all with different agenda’s can be very testing and counterproductive.

Maybe we can get into more detail about that later, at the moment I’ve a million last minute things to do. I’ve just done some food shopping for the road, crisps, biscuits, nuts, cereal, pot noodle, those kind of things. All the unhealthy things you can think of.

I’m going to miss home cooking,  but I suppose that’s part and parcel of travelling.  It’s always good for the mind and soul to withdraw from our comfort zones and get used to dealing without those home comforts, like a warm bed, hot food and hot showers etc.

Hopefully blogging will be possible the whole route, but as last time, you never where you’ll spend the night and whether you’ll be able to jump online. The area’s you tend to go through can be so rural and you look forward to going to the main cities as your chances of finding internet are much greater.

I’ll hopefully keep you updated of how things develop. I hope you’re all aware; the point of departure is outside the BBC. This spot has been chosen in order to make a statement for the lack of media coverage the BBC has given to the case of Gaza, particularly during the Israeli offensive/massacre and the flotilla.

Please check out the website for further details and try to attend the send off. We know most people can’t join the convoy due to commitments, but at least show your support by seeing us off. This was what Abu Bakr (ra) used to do when the companions left on their expeditions. He would walk out with them to the outskirts of the city in order to gain as much reward by participating in as much of their endeavour as possible, even a few footsteps.

I hope you’ll all be there.

Please pass the word around and also the link to the blog so that people may keep up to date with our progress.

And finally, please do not forget us in your dua’s.


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