Food for the road!!!

PACKED LUNCH not exactly gourmet, but insha Allah it will suffice

I just managed to get a few pics of our lunch box, which should last a month. Some basic essentials, like green tea with jasmine. I’m not sure about the caffiene content though, probably not strong enough. Sometimes when your driving and the slumber sets in, coffee usually does the trick, as long as your co-driver’s still awake and talking to you. If not, then coffee and red bull combined, with a few slaps to the back of the neck may do the job. If that doesn’t work, then you have stick your head out the window and drive and if that doesnt work, YOU’RE IN TROUBLE!!!!!! You’ll need some hard negotiating skills to find a driver from another vehicle to take over. Thats where the CB radio’s prove to be handy.


READY BREK (Tesco’s own brand -instant oats- lol) Ubaydah helping baba with packing

Pot noodle was also on the list, with tins of sweetcorn and not to forget READY BREK. If need be, I coud live off this stuff, a bit messy though, but simple, healthy and satisfying. It’s the next best thing to Biryani or Tagine, and it goes down nicely for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a bit like baby food.


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