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Asalamu Alaykum wr wb As you all may be aware, the current situation in Paskistan has left 20 million people displaced from there homes. This is the largest flood in Pakistan since 1929 and the people are in desperate need of your help. They lack basic food, clothing, shelter and medication.

 Since it’s the blessed month of Ramadan, a few individuals have taken the initive to send as much aid as possible to be delivered by our team of workers on the ground. This is the month were deeds are mutiplied and an excellent oppertunity to do as much good in hope that Allah forgives us for our sins. A container will be sent and is due to depart in a few days, thus we are making a request for donations for the following items. Clothing, tinned food, footware, tents, ground sheets and water purifying tablets.

 We are also requesting money to sponsor the container that will leave from the UK and make its way by sea to Pakistan. The drop off point for any donations is 98 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7EN and the number to call is 0208 767 2345 and for any other enquiries please contact us through this website. Please could you forward this message to all your contacts. Jazakum Allah khair

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