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Hoping and waiting…

British nationals held by Israel after the storming of the aid flotilla bound for Gaza are expected to start arriving home today.

Twenty-five Britons arrived on three planes, which touched down at Istanbul airport between 2.40am and 3.10am according to John Reilly, a spokesman for the British embassy in Istanbul.

“Everyone was OK, but they were tired and stressed,” he said, adding that they were given free accomodation in an Istanbul hotel by the state-owned Turkish Airlines, which has also offered each of them a free ticket back to London.



If you have any updates or information on the people on board, please post on this blog. So far we know the following people were on board and are now  DETAINED in Israeli prison, [still ]MISSING or have been FOUND.

  1. Tauqir Sharif   (also known as ‘Tox’) – DETAINED
  2.  Mustapha Ahmed – DETAINED (Due for release today or tomorrow)
  3. Abid Mahi 
  4. Alex Phillips (also known as Lorty)-DETAINED
  5. Baboo Zanghar [from Bradford] – DETAINED
  6. Parveen Yaqub [from Yorkshire] 
  7. Ali Awaisi [from Scotland] –  DETAINED
  8. Theresa McDermott [from Scotland] 
  9. Hasan Nowarah [from Scotland]
  10. Sakir Yildirim [from Bristol]
  11. Cliff Hanley [from Bristol]
  12. Kevin Ovenden
  13. Nicola Enchmarch
  14. Nader Daher
  15.  Hassan Ghani – DETAINED
  16. Ashan Shamrak – INJURED
  17. Sarah Colbourne 
  18. Alex Harrison – DETAINED
  19. Ismail Patel – DETAINED
  20. Sidique Hajee – DETAINED
  21. Ibrahim Musaji – DETAINED
  22. Peter Viner – MISSING
  23. Mohammed Bayyat – DETAINED
  24. Nur Choudhary – DETAINED
  25. Laura Stewart – FOUND
    Call The Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London 020 7008 1500  and provide the names as above as missing.


Demonstrations and protests all this week!!

There are demonstrations everyday this week at 5:30pm outside the Israeli embassy, please attend if you can.

Protest over the massacre on the Gaza Flotilla
Saturday 5th June
Assemble Trafalgar Square 1.30pm
then march to Downing Street and on to the Israeli Embassy
Organis by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Viva Palestina, British Muslim Initiative and CND
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