Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

Feb 14th is a special day for a particular charity, namely Interpal. They will be showing their love for the Palestinians by taking part in a 20 mile walk across London – East side to the West side. [Upton park st – Southhall Broadway].

Girlies for Gaza will be taking part in this walk and are aiming to raise as much as they possible can for the people of Palestine: Gaza. Lets not forget that these people [palestinians] need continous help and assistance as they are very limited with resources and are restricted from many essential resources – this is a country living in an open air prison.

So we urge all to please dig deep into your pockets and sponser these girls and help aid people in Gaza. Dont belittle the amount you give, something is better than nothing.

Visit their charity site to donate: http://www.charitygiving.co.uk/g4gaza

If people would like to join the walk email fundraising@interpal.org before Feb 11th to register.


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  1. It was such an amazing walk MashAllah, may Allah reward all the participants, organisers and all those who donated to the cause! My legs have stopped functioning though, I am just hoping that they don’t feel this bad tomorrow =P

  2. Asalam Alaykum wr wb

    This is me 🙂 Just writing to find out how the walk went. I haven’t been here for ages. I do hope to put up a post soon, I’ve been overwhelmed with so many lose ends I need to attend to.

    I hope you enjoyed the walk and may Allah reward every step. Have you lot recovered yet? I was telling Umm Safiyyah to tell you to make sure you have decent walking shoes, for long distances trainers just don’t do the job. Maybe for you lot it was ok.

    I have loads more pics of the convoy I want to put up but can’t get my head around the dashboard section.

    JazakumAllah khair for your efforts, I should mention it now before I forget May Allah give much barakah in this world and the next to Amina and co for setting up the blog and dealing with the technical niggly bits. Also Umm Safiyyah helped with many of the posts, I thought I better mention her otherwise I’ll be in trouble lol, no dinner for the next month 🙂

    Take care


  3. Wa’alaykum salam Layth, we pray all is well with you and the family. We are eagerly awaiting your return on the blog. Inshallah when your’e ready we look forward to the completion of what took place in Gaza when the convoy was allowed in.

    In relation to the walk, mashallah all I can say is what an experience, wallahi we thought we weren’t gonna make it, but alhamdulillah when we entered Southhall and had just under 5 minutes to get to southhall broadway we felt it – the aches and pain started kicking in….

    All I can say is, good trainers did the job, it absorbed the shock when walking for so long plus it doesnt help when the road is soooo uneven subhanallah. Alhamdulillah though everything was good, the weather, people and not to mention the outcome. And it helps coming to the walk prepared. They made a laughin stock of me coz I REALLY came prepared, had everything from proper snacks and not junk choc’s and sweets…to knee supports and foot cream. And oh yeah, guess who was using all my very lovely snacks and products?! The same bunch who took the mick…hmmm I guess that taught them a lesson. It was funny when we got to Goodge street Masjid, everyone was making wudu and to their shock there was no tissue…and alhamdulillah since I came prepared I had my face towel and extra tissue. Ha ha ha ha.

    Alhamdulillah it was great though, no girly fights or anything, it was real cool!

    p.s let me know when your making a come-back, inshallah I will help out.

    Over and out


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