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The Outcome

Inshallah we will keep everyone informed as to how much was raised from the Gaza walk that took place on Feb 14th. Mashallah it was great success as everyone (except two who got injured) made it to the destination in under 10 hours. Everyone had to raise a total of £150. However, Girlies for Gaza raised a total of £800 (Online + Offline).

The overall total amount will be announced soon when Interpal counts all the money. All the money raised will be going to the needy in Gaza. Jazakallah Khayr to everyone who donated, made duah or said words of encouragement.

Girlies For Gaza



Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

Feb 14th is a special day for a particular charity, namely Interpal. They will be showing their love for the Palestinians by taking part in a 20 mile walk across London – East side to the West side. [Upton park st – Southhall Broadway].

Girlies for Gaza will be taking part in this walk and are aiming to raise as much as they possible can for the people of Palestine: Gaza. Lets not forget that these people [palestinians] need continous help and assistance as they are very limited with resources and are restricted from many essential resources – this is a country living in an open air prison.

So we urge all to please dig deep into your pockets and sponser these girls and help aid people in Gaza. Dont belittle the amount you give, something is better than nothing.

Visit their charity site to donate:

If people would like to join the walk email before Feb 11th to register.

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