Viva IHH

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

Alhumdulillah after much worry and anxiety we arrived safely in Istanbul. Subhanallah it feels like war, when traveling from Hostile territory to friendly territory. There was a reception for us outside the airport with media coverage and people who came to welcome us back. All the brothers who the Egyptians tried so hard to detain all made it on the plane.

The feeling of worry and helplessness was apparent on the faces of those who the Egyptians tried to detain. The Egyptians claimed they’d lost their passports, the amount of times they have done this countless. Upon hearing this the head of the Turkish contingency immediately got in contact with the Turkish foreign office so they can issue some emergency travel documents. Within 15 minutes they were there at the airport with the documents. However the British foreign office did not show up until hours later. The lack of urgency and support from the British has been clear throughout, and although being informed that they would be present upon arrival was not true.

Again it’s been amazing traveling with the Turks, and their organisation, manners, respect, commitment and dedication has been an eye opener for us and has caused our opinion of the Turks to change for the better. I would also advice the brothers and sisters to check out their organisation and the scale of the projects they have over taken throughout the world.

InshAllah many brothers are returning back to the U.K tomorrow, hopefully the weather won’t too bad so we don’t get delayed. May Allah make our journey safe and hassle free.


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