Staying Put.

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb We’re still in the airport waiting to board our flight, it’s literally taking hours as the Egyptians are trying to keep hold of some passports. It’s the same trick they play every time, they allow people to go by handing out their passports, and out of pure relief they forget about those who are left behind. Once everyone has left, they then keep behind those they wish to question and as you can imagine they’ll be in a state of vulnerability, being on their own.

 The IHH who have organised the flight, are refusing to leave any members behind. Throughout the journey the IHH have shown strong leadership and responsibility. Majority of the time the IHH have had the lead role in keeping the convoy together, and if it wasn’t for them, then this convoy would not have made it as far as Gaza. It has been a pleasure  travelling with them, their members have shown upmost respect fot their leader and maintained dignity throughout. They also stood strong agaist the pressure of the Egyptian government especially when defending ourselves against the attack of the Egyptian authorities. The people whose passports have been kept mainly consist of those taken on the day of the attacks. We’re trying to contact the british embassy in Cairo, and see if they are able to get involved. We’ll keep you updated with any progress. JazakumAllah khair


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