On the move

Assalamu alaykum wr wb

All have been given their passports back and we are not on the move, 300 of the convoy members will be flying to Istanbul shortly. Unfortunately, the kuwaiti, malaysian and american, who were arrested in egypt during the riots, decided not to come on the same flight as us, we advised them to stick together, but for various reasons, possibly to save money they decided to take another flight. As far am I am aware they have been held again and there is nothing we can do as they chose to go their own way. Many of us don’t need to go to Istanbul first, but we are doing so for safety because the IHH have political power and we will be less vulnerable in a large group.

I will keep you posted as much as possible, wasalaam.

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  1. mujahidah and jamilah

    Salaam uncle we are making dua for u,can u tell us if our mamu tauqir is with u.

    • Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

      MAshAllah it’s very nice to see that your so concerned about uncle Toqs. He’s with us and he is fine. I’ll try and get him to call you asap.

      Asalamu alaykum wr wb

      Uncle Layth

  2. abdullah abdul jabbar

    How are you ?
    Jazkalah for the up dates and the Tweet!
    and espeically the pictures.
    I have read all of them …

    Uncel can you tell my mamoo(TAUQIR) to phone or e mail us,so we know what he’s doing.



    And may Allah Reward you



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