Not welcome anymore!!!

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

Sorry about the delay in keeping you updated, our time inside Gaza was soo restricted that getting done what I intended seemed impossible. I will include an account on what happened inside inshAllah.

For now, I’m just writing to inform you as as I managed to get hold of wireless in the airport, that we have been bought straight into the airport ready to be flown out.

From plain stupidity, or cunningness they have assumed we have tickets or are expecting us to buy them from here. The prices they have quoted are utterly ridiculous. A flight to London with Egypt air is 450 GBP.

The drive down here has been really uncomfortable and slow, being escorted by police at such slow speeds  makes the journey seem twice the distance. I had to stand up for a large portion of the journey as some brothers didn’t have seats so we took turns in sitting down.

We’re not too sure what’s happening here, we’re trying to organise people on flights but as usual the Egyptians don’t ‘do logic’ so it’s a struggling battle.

Some people have said that we’ll be leaving here and not welcomed back into Egypt according to the British conculate, but again, that could just be rumours.

JazakumAllah khair


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