Calm for now!

Injured convoy member, taken from juanajaafar on twitter.

Below are various tweets from other people on the convoy.

“Our crew physically ok, sounded shaken.

Started whn Egypt said big vehicles & trucks had to b given to ISRAEL! Galloway said no. Eg negotiator walked out. 5 mins later riot police turned up.  Trouble seemed 2 start wn plain clothed Egyp police in compound started stirring things Thn riot police came in Mike & others vouch for this.

Galloway made a speech and calmed things down. Now everything is quiet. Team have been using bandages etc from ambulance…. saw the person stretchered off but doesn’t know more about this…. there is a mosque in the port and that is where people are being treated” @YorktoGaza

“Things are quiet now. Injured are reluctant to be taken to hospital unless Galloway guarantees EGY autho gives safe passage. 1 person just got rolled out on a stretcher.” @juanajaafar

“All quiet for now. Six arrested, lots of head wounds as cops started the rock throwing. One serious injury stretchered out:. @Joti2Gaza

“Calm now. Galloway speaking to us, explicitly named EGY regime as instigator of violence. Said now the world can see who is responsible For Gaza siege. We have bend over backwards to come to Elarish cause EGY said we’d be welcomed here, instead welcomed with violence Galloway here with TUR MPs to negotiate movement of convoy since 530pm local time.

EGY asked for 59 of our vehicles to give to Israel. 59 vehicles = 25% of our convoy which includes 2 big trucks from GBR and TUR. This contradicts written agreement EGY gave to TURs in AqabaEGY negotiator left meet room after Viva rejected demand to surrender 59 vehicles to Israel. Soonest he left the riot police closed in on us…

Galloway says Viva has video taken from meeting room to show special police starting violence. Police then threw stones at meeting room Window almost injuring TUR MP. High level nego now being done by TUR gov. Convoy still determined to enter Gaza. Arrested are from GRB, USA, Msia and Kuwaiti.” @juanajaafar

“Instigators started moving in from within the police lines and moved on the inside of the police side of the barricades. Convoy mbers were Sitting on the ground when shouts from police lines started and then wham, hell. Just helped bandage a friend’s head Some people are missing including a Msian student who came on his own from the UK. We are trying to find him. He may be arrested” @juanajaafar

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