48 Hours in Gaza


17.30 GMT Wednesday 6th January One month, thousands of miles, ten countries, one ship and a four flights later, Viva Palestina has begun to enter the besieged Gaza Strip


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  1. Mashalah! May Allah swt reward you all for all your dedication and efforts. The ummah is alive!

  2. I am so proud of all of you, bravery and dedication ultimately the force of allah mashatallah

  3. Rude Interuption

    A man was killed. Your convoy resulted in the end to more lives than it saved.

    • Why don’t you uncover the cloth that is currently blinding you?! Open your eyes and you will see that a nation is slowly being wiped out from the face of the earth…and all you can brag about is the faults of the convoy who have done more than any country or goverment has ever done for Gaza and the Palestinian people.
      You see, unlike some, the people on the convoy have left behind, their family, work and a comfortable lifestyle to help the needy. What part have you played to help those who are only a few meters away????

      What a shameful comment! Fear God for you will be held accountable for your words and actions.

  4. Yes a man was killed and whose fault was it?? EGYPT! Had they let the convoy in to deliver aid to people who are under siege and are dying from lack of medical supplies and food, then that probably wouldnt have happened.

    Look to the root of the problem first before making such an ignorant and uneducated comment!

    Egypt was the only country to not welcome the convoy with open arms and instead attack them and make a peaceful humanitarian aid convoy’s life harder.

    Even until the very end they still continue to make problems for them, when they are doing what Egypt should be doing themselves for their besieged neighbours.

  5. misry misry govrnament lanat

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