Parting away…

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb

I hope everyone is well and in good faith and health.

Today we woke up in a rush, the time on my phone was wrong so the alarm clock didn’t go off and so we woke up a few minutes before our briefing.  The briefing was scheduled for nine but we arrived late so we missed it. Not a big a deal though, we were mainly interested on whether the vehicles would be boarding today or not.

Last night a local Palestinian living here invited us to stay around his house, so we took up the offer and as always the local people are very hospitable. The main reason for being late to the meeting was because the host didn’t let us leave without having breakfast, so although we were late for the briefing we didn’t want to be rude and refuse.

It’s when we arrived back at the compound; we were told that we would be leaving at 12, so we used this time to clean inside our vehicles.

We emptied almost everything out of the vehicle and re-stacked the boxes of medicine that had started to fall down due to the harsh breaking and speed humps. We are very fortunate, alhumdulillah, that we managed to buy a whole bundle of bungee cords for the journey otherwise the boxes would be flying all over the places when driving..

As we were cleaning we found the source of the gone off smell; eggs. Some eggs had cracked and were left piled under loads of stuff to rot. Thank God we found it. The thing about living in a vehicle is that you have to keep on top of the tidying/organizing otherwise it becomes a nightmare to find anything, especially locating food.

The van is now looking tidy within and is on the way, inshaAllah to Al Arish, Egypt. While cleaning up I found a pair little booties for a baby in one of the clothes bag so I hung it round the mirror so that it can remind us of our goal throughout the journey. 

InshaAllah I would like to see it go to one of the babies in Gaza, but that all depends on whether we get in and how much time we’ll have in there. If anyone does recognize them, then please let us know. It’s nice to know who sent the aid, as when you see various items, it becomes more personal as rather than just a pair of shoes, and it makes you think of the effort people put into it which increases the determination to have it delivered.

When it reached half eleven it became apparent that there was some type of delay, that’s usually the case, so we ate lunch and waited for any news. Soon after it was announced that we were boarding at three, whereby we jumped into our vehicles and headed down to the port in a big convoy.

MashaAllah the people in the streets were cheering us on, sounding their horns and making dua’ for us..

Parting from the vehicles was not favored by anyone, as there is much uncertainty about the next leg of the journey. It feels very strange having no vehicle, which is the place that you usually go to get things, drop them off and meet people. Finding someone has become trickier, as before you would always go to someone’s vehicle to find them, now you just have to tour the compound in hope of bumping into them.

Boarding the vehicles onto the ferry was a slow process and took us beyond Maghrib, as I’m sure you can imagine how long it’ll take to load nearly 200 vehicles.

It was a sad site to see the back of the yellow submarine; we just hope that we’ll be reunited with her in Egypt. (‘Her’ is referring to the yellow submarine )

To add to our concern of leaving our vehicles, we were told that we’ll have to leave the majority of our luggage in the vehicles, taking with us a small rucksack enough for one or two days of clothing.  As you can imagine, a lot of people didn’t welcome the news as we have yet to receive a confirmation of whether everyone will enter Egypt or not. If your luggage will enter Egypt and you won’t, then you’ll be left with only your back and what a blood boiling thought it is to lose your baggage.

After we said goodbyes to our vehicles we headed to the compounds and dumped our backpacks and headed to the town to see if we can a bite to eat and jump online.

InshaAllah tomorrow we’ll hopefully receive information of our what’s going to be our next step, until then,

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb

Abu Safiyyah


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  1. Assalamualykum, please give us the number for abu safiyyah so we can call him apart of our live call in from web blog and we will also forward you the recording to post on your site. please leave the number on the latest post on the blog as our email doesnt work.

  2. Assalamu alaykum Palestinian,

    Do you think you could set up a new email account with yahoo,google etc, as Abu Safiyyah doesn’t really want his phone number visible to all? Then I can email you his number inshaAllah.


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