Anxiously waiting

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb 

 We had a meeting a few hours ago, where we were told that we should be boarding our flights tomorrow at 4 pm. There will be one plane that will go back and forth taking members of the convoy in four goes

We were also informed that our vehicles have arrived and were tailed by an Israeli ship for a portion of the journey.  There have also been 3 members of the convoy who have been declined entry into Egypt; and all three members have been informed. It has also been stated they are from London, however I have not been informed who these three individuals are

Abu Safiyyah


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  1. Umm Abdur Rahman

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Praying that all is going well for everyone, how is J doing? Please send him our salaam. Make sure when you get back you do a detox diet…all of that konafa and other sweet stuff has just ruined your diet! I bet you’re missing Umm Safiyyah’s cooking! Easy to snack when you’re on the road.

    Nice pics of Crack de Chevalier, would like to go there one day, amazing fortress. Must be huge.

    Take care and as always, we hope you and everyone else on the convoy gets to Gaza safely, inshaAllah.


    Your sis, Umm AR

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