Confirmation please!

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb
We’ve just had a briefing about the latest news, and apparently V.P has received verbal confirmation from the Egyptian government that we’ll be permitted to land in Al Arish. They’re working on trying to obtain written confirmation, so we’re just waiting for that inshallah.
With the track record of the Egyptians, their word doesn’t account for much and even once they provide written confirmation we still have to be weary of their treacherous tactics. The memories of what they attempted in Al Arish are still fresh and this has painted an accurate picture of their true colors.
Remaining stagnant in Latakiyyah is taking its toll on the morale of the convoy members and it’s now drawing close to 4 weeks since we left the UK. Being in this state along with the basic living conditions of the compound makes you think about home more and then the home sick feeling kicks in. Although we are in this state, people are still determined to get in, and we can never deny how bountiful Allah has been.
We’ve been told that we’ll be leaving for al Arish in the morning at about 4, so we’re just waiting for confirmation, but it’s not worth getting your hopes up too high. As you’re all aware it’s been a roller coaster ride up until now so we have to be prepared for the worse.
There has also been mention of the cargo ship that is carrying the vehicles being delayed or unable to pass or possibly being redirected as Isreali’s have extended their missile firing range. It’s all a game to them and Allah is with the believers.

Abu Safiyyah



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