Palestine In Sight

Palestine In Sight
As the latest chapter of history is written,
Lands cry out bearing witness to such tyranny,
But yet we do not see the darkness and misery.
As I sit within sight of the blessed land
I ask when will this Ummah make a stand.
The land of Al Aqsa still remains occupied
And in front of Allah, can we say we really tried
To free the lands from the Zionist entities
Whom to Allah and the Prophet are sworn enemies.
Generations passed and suddenly Palestine was taken,
Most fled, whilst a few were not shaken.
They carried on the struggle and bore the responsibility
Leaving behind them an example of true nobility.
Are we not guilty of letting the holy land slip
Into the hands of the Zionists as they tighten their grip;
Taking away homes, and building settlements
Whilst we sing and dance to musical instruments.
From where I stand I see their lights glowing
And the feeling of pain from within is growing;
I ask myself: What have we reduced ourselves to;
And when will the Prophetic promise come true?
But until we raise our hands in the depths of the night
The vision of victory will not be in sight.
For how long can we continue to be deceived
And for how long can we ignore the cry of the bereaved?
Do we not realise Al Aqsa will not be freed,
Until we lose this evil sense of nationalism,
And ignore all borders and not ascribe to tribalism.
The road to Palestine starts from within
So we must cleanse ourselves from all sin,
And take the Quran with its guidance as our only way
And ignore what the despotic tyrants have to say.
In the Book of Allah we will find the only solution,
For this Book and the Sunnah are our only constitution.
So open the pages and take a read,
And remember: it’s none other than Allah that we need.
By: Abu Safiyyah (Written in Aqabah)

Posted on December 31, 2009, in Updates and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Mashallah nice poem brother and jazak Allah for your updates, its been my ‘daily fix’. Your are all in our duas and despite the cruelty of the ‘eedjit’ egyptraelis, they plan but Allah is the best of planners! Sometimes we cannot see ‘hikma’ until its past. Safara maymoona to you all brother. Please can you pass my salams/regards to Laura, Mary, abdulrahman(bihi), and John and Queeva from the Irish lot. JZK. WaSalam

  2. Umm Abdur Rahman

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Straight from the heart, mashaAllah….thoughtful poem. Take care, praying that you all arrive in Palestine safely and quickly, inshaAllah.


    Umm AR

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