Back to Syria?

Assalamu alaykum wr wb
Today we were supposed to have a meeting at 10am so I managed to get to the compound just in time to find that it had been postponed. Arghhhhh! What a joke. The amount of times this has happened to me is uncountable now. I waited and waited for the breifing and then got fed up and headed towards the mosque upon hearing the Adhan.
During the Salat the Imaam made a beutiful dua’ Qunout, for the convoy and for the ummah which brought tears to the eyes. SubhanAllah the more I think of Al Aqsa being in the hands of the jews, it saddens me deeply, Allah aid us in freeing the holy Masjid.
It’s also very easy to forget that although Masjid Al Aqsa is in the hands of the Yahoud, likewise are the majority of the other countries holy sites accross the world. Just because it’s not an outright occupation, we tend to over look it and think nothing of it.
What causes our vision to be soo short? What causes us to be neglectful of these lands? Is it because those in authority have names such as, Ahmed, Abdullah, Mohamed? Does our connection with the Qur’an and pure Aqeedah not allow us to see past this? Does our understanding of Tawheed not clear the cloudy horizon from it’s doubt and uncertainty?
When passing through these lands it becomes evident that the suppression of the pure da’wah must be overcome. The Muslims here are like the walking dead. Their hanging on to their religion by their prayer mats and the women by their hijabs. Can you blame them though? What exposure to the deen do they have? Where is the shepard who redirects them as they stray into the forbidden?
The light of the dawah needs to be rekindled, and greater emphasis needs to be placed upon the Muslims who are straying from the truth. Often people portray da’wah to be to non-Muslims and forget those who are on the verge of falling into the fire, from the ummah of Mohammed s.a.w.
It’s important the Muslims recognise the tyranny of those who divert people away from the path of Allah and aid those who wish to cap such evil and kufr.
Anyway back to the convoy. I was just told that we are leaving Aqaba for Syria, where we’ll take a ferry to Al Arish, which will be paid for by the Turkish government. Again I thought this was confirmed, but I as I write someone has informed me it’s not for sure but we must be prepared to leave at 3 pm. I am still concerned about the rest of the conditions, but apparently, they are still trying to negotiate that.
I will keep you posted and let you know as soon as I hear anything.
Abu Safiyyah

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  1. salaam uncle its Adnans son musa, Jazakallah for your updates I always read them. Give my salaam to my father. I always look for pics of him on your site. Please try to take some for us. May Allah protect u and keep you safe inshallah

  2. Salam. may Allah give you the strength to continue. as for the state of the ummah it is true what you are saying and very sad.
    egypt will not back down they left children to die at their border with gaza plus look at their people they are too scared to even protest! so looks like it will be back to syria, we are all praying for you.

  3. Watching you guys all the way from China ! Don’t forget about your Muslim brothers in Kashgar, China, where as many have 2000 have been slaughtered in secret.

  4. allah help your brothers we shemed we are nothing

  5. Umm Abdur Rahman

    Assalaamu alaikum brother Rahman,

    We are one ummah, we make du’a for all the muslims, no matter where they are from…may Allah protect the muslims and keep us firm upon our deen, ameen.

  6. It was said to me a few times that Muslims in the UK (IMHO in a country intent on destroying Islam overall by corrupting it) can practice their faith to a better degree than in their Arab home land. The first person to tell me this was a guy from Libya. From your description and from sister Abrar about being too afraid to protest, plus my own (limited) observations in a ‘Muslim country’ (Tunisia) it certainly has the air of truth about it. That strangeness never ceases to amaze me.

    Although at the same time, what Rahman said “in Kashgar, China, where as many have 2000 have been slaughtered in secret.” shows this ‘freedom to practice’ certainly isn’t universal. Uzbekistan is another country where freightening tyrrany reigns. Rahman, could you give more info? This stuff should get wider attention (in the hope it will make future atrocities by the Chinese govt less likely – even if only a fraction less likely).

    Salam to all.

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