We will not be silent

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb

Alhumduliillah I managed to have a lie in this morning and catch up on some lost sleep, before going to a last minute planned demonstration. Although it was meant to be a silent protest, as time went on it became noisier and noisier and people plucked up the courage to drive by and sound their horn.

When I came down from my room in the hotel, I found convoyers making a large poster with slogans such as “Isreal, terrorist state”. We then took the streets, the look of pure shock and fear could be seen on their face.

 Demonstrating seems to be illegal here as I’ve heard a few of the locals tell me which is something I find easy to believe. The people here seem to be very intimedated by the police and authorities, with all the suppression that happens here who can blame them.

During the protest as the momentum picked up, the Police eventually blockaded the road and stopped the traffic from passing by this junction. Our initial intention was to eventually make our way to the Egyptian embassy and hold a demonstration outside, however after speaking to the local governor it was called off. He refused to have any demonstration in the city of Aqaba saying that we do not want to get involved with what goes on between you and Egypt.So for now it’s a matter of time until we’ll see how things unfold.

After Maghrib prayer we were invited to a restaurant where the owner fed us for free.

 The people are really nice and support our efforts, may Allah reward them all. It’s nice praying in the Masjid as all the brothers gather in one mosque and it really gives a sense of how life would be if we lived in a close knit society like the companions in Madina.

JazakumAllah khair




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