Assalamu Alaykum wr wb

I would like to first thank all the people who have been keeping up to date with the convoy, the convoyers do appreciate your interest and are happy to hear that you’re all with us in heart and spirit.

 Also I do read all the comments made but I am really sorry if I do not reply to them all, as finding time can be difficult. Although we are here waiting in Aqaba, we still have to be thankful to Allah as the situation could be a lot worse. When leaving Amman I thought that I would not have any internet access and that Aqaba would be some baron desert land, however it has been everything but that.

My initial thoughts were that we would be spending this time in some car park with no facilities but Alhumdullah Allah has been most generous. In Aqaba it’s a bit of a tourist resort so as you can imagine there are many hotels here, internet cafes, coffee shops etc.

 The people have also been very accomodating alhumdulillah and have provided us with free hotels. Food has also been in abundance, we are being looked after and fed well. I better keep an eyes in the waist line though. There’s a very nice bakery next to the hotel and they have everything unhealthy that you need from eclairs, donuts, cakes and tarts. I think I’ll need to head to the beach tomorrow and have a swim and maybe a jog along the beach, I better shape up for Umm Safiyyah for when I get back other wise she’ll send me back to Gaza. (I thought I’ll embarass her for a laugh).


I managed to get a pair of flip flops today, I have been wearing these boots in this heat and I need to give my feet a bit of freedom in this weather. All the clothes I brought are winter clothes, as I didn’t expect it to be this hot. Oh well, I’ll have to start cutting my trousers and making them into 3/4 lengths.

Regarding the developments on the ground, I’m sorry to say that despite having a breifing by V.P, nothing conclusive has been mentioned, so I am not really in a position to say much about whats happening. What I have heard though, is that the Turks have been permited entry as they are seen by the Egyptians/Israelis as a humanitarian initiative wheras V.P UK is political.

I think it’s time we think of a name for the ‘Isreali Egyptian’ government, how about Isrealians or Egyptalie, all suggestions welcomed guys. Just to let you know the news about the Turks being permitted is what’s been going around amongst the convoyers, so it’s not official. I’ve been told we have to meet up at the ‘compound’ where we’re staying for a meeting where we will be briefed on the latest developments. InshaAllah I will keep you updated as soon as I get any concrete news.

 Just to remind all the bro’s/sis’s that tomorrow is ‘Ashourah a day where we’re recommended to fast as was the sunnah of the messenger. A great chance to have some sins forgiven.


Your brother in Islam

Abu Safiyyah


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  1. You wont get one foot through the front door if your bald patch aint grown back yet loooool 😀

  2. Loooool, nice one, good come back. Lets not get into a domestic here. Save it till I get home.


  3. looooooooool

    I better zip it then 😛

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