Assalamu Alaykum wr wb

No developments at the moment, still waiting for news from Viva Palestina. We have a meeting at 6pm, where we’ll be briefed. (Note: the meeting did not take place view the tweet section on the right hand side of this blog)

Things don’t look to promising at the moment, but everything is in the hands of the All Mighty, and its good to be optimistic. It has got to a stage where it’s not worth listening to any news, as none of it can ever be verified. It’s simillar to the news of the honourable Sheikh Awlaki, where there are conflicting reports, some say he has been martyred and some say he is alive. Does anyone out there have anything concrete? Let us know.

The weather is warm and I’m missing the cold weather we had in Europe, some people must think thats crazy.

It can be very annoying when you go out, as you have to make sure you get back before Maghrib. Because as the sun goes down, it gets very cold, so you always have to carry a jumper.

Last night was a rough sleep for me, some people slept in the vans, but I missed the coaches that bussed the people back as I was in the internet cafe. I slept in a mosque, but I had no matt nor blanket and it was cold. All my stuff was in the van so I had to rough it. I’ll probably stay the night here again as opposed to the van as there’s a cafe with wifi, so I’ll get a chance to update and speak to wifey on msn. A lot of people think I’m sad as I am always blogging or on the laptop and now Umm Safiyyah has convinced me to start twittering. It’s a logistical headache – blogging, you have to make sure you get hold of the net, ensure there’s enough battery on the laptop if not then you have to find a power point, make sure you have enough battery on your camera and then upload the pics.

But alhumdulillah, its nice to know that people are interested in what happens, and I heard there aren’t that many people blogging. I suppose it’s part of the awareness that this convoy needs, as in the beginning I think it was really lacking. Whilst we are waiting, many people have chosen to go around and do their own thing, and if we remain here another day then I will probably visit Petra.

As you walk around the town you can see in the distance Israel, it so sad that a nation can share a border with them and a people can see the occupation on a daily basis and not have the heart to aid the situation. Maybe they have become desensitised to it or they’re just suppressed and unable. What a shame! May Allah return us back to our religion. Ameen.



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  1. jazakAllah khairan for sharing this with us, with regards to shiekh anwar his family is said to have said that he is fine and well al hamdulillah (that more than one family member)… so khair inshAllah!
    assalamu alaikum

  2. please keep blogging, my husband is in the York ambulance and it is good to get any news at all, he does text me, but reading the blogs is also good.

    We are phoning and emailing every one we can think of to get you and the aid through

  3. May Allah grant you entrance to Gaza and reward you all for your patience and steadfastness, aameen.

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